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Monday, April 25, 2011

“You know, if you want something done right...”

In my younger years, I recall hearing the old saying, “You know, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself”. Now I’m the one who says it and thinks it a lot.
It seems that many of the problems in my life, or “opportunities”( as the optimists like to call them), would be less severe or even non-existent, if I had just done the task or job at hand myself to begin with.

Many times in my daily life I depend on others to help me get things done. My spouse, co-workers, my children, friends etc. are called by upon, from time to time, by me to do complete work. Be it for profit of money, time, or charity. Things of all sorts need to get done for one reason or another, and inevitably we are sometimes forced to rely on other people to achieve these ends. These duties and works are very important to us. And if done correctly, they can be put to rest, and considered complete. But, if done incorrectly, it requires the work to be done over and maybe over again, until its right. Worst possibility is that it does not get done at all.

However, what is a common thought that comes to my mind when the results don’t measure up to what my expectations are? “I should have done it myself”.

Certainly you have experienced feelings of frustration, and helplessness after purchasing a good or service, only to find that what you paid for falls extremely short of what you consider acceptable. It only makes matters worse when you have to deal with representatives of that company that sold you the good or service, and in order to make it right, you end up doing their job for them. They blame you for their inability to provide the service, or the unwanted outcome is out of their control to fix. Remember, these are the same people who initiated the transaction to you so that it would fill a need or want in your life, and now they’re telling you it’s out of their control, or they place blame in other directions.
Never mind any of the promises that you have heard before from your congressman, but instead think about this question. In terms of our government...what should the word “representative” mean?
Have you been sold a bill of goods by you congressman, and do they truly represent you and your district? I am willing to wager that the answer is no, and that the reality is that they are representing special interests lobbyists, their reelection efforts, and their party. At best you are fourth on their list.

They have openly shown that they are no longer willing to listen to us citizens and our will, but rather are intent to govern against, and in spite of our will. They hold us in contempt, and see us as an obstacle to overcome, rather than a constituency to serve and represent. They arrogantly trade money for favors with no regard to whom the money really belongs to, or who the favor really impacts. They are playing a game that they themselves have constructed, and they referee the rules instead of our Constitution. The only winners have become the office holders, the losers have become the electorate, and the pretended benefactors of their plunder have become enslaved to them as dogs are to their masters. It should be acknowledged that we have not been served well, but it would be more accurate to acknowledge that we are not being served at all.

“If you want something done right…you have to do it yourself”!

We have seen that the people we have elevated to office, and have given our trust to, so as protect our Liberty and rights are not capable of doing the job. We must stop relying on that distant figure that we only know from campaign signs, TV commercials, and the occasional pre-printed e-mail or letter to represent us. No longer can we trust the established parties to foster the honest man or woman for the job. No longer can we allow special interests to buy a better seat at the table than that of the individual citizen and his rights, which are the focus of our founding documents.
That smiling face with the good haircut on a background of red, white and blue can no longer replace what needs to be done. Choices based on signs and slogans must be replaced with personal knowledge and contact with the candidate.

We must do the job ourselves! The job has to be done right from now on.

GOOOH (Get Out of Our House) is a process for promoting congressional candidates that will allow us everyday citizens to accomplish our renewed civil responsibility. Now we can have the fortune and opportunity to sit face to face with the perspective candidate and future representative. Now we can ask important questions of them ourselves rather than through the filter of a slanted media. Now we can promote the only candidate that has pledged and contracted with their district to only serve two terms, and then return to their respective homes and careers. Now we can elect a representative that will be held accountable to his constituency because they have a record of how they will vote on the important issues of the time in the first place…and if the representative needs to change his mind for a vote in congress, he is obligated to ask the people back home what they think first, before doing so. It’s called accountability, and its severely lacking with the present party/career politicians. Now we can be that representative that our nation is in dire need of.

WE CAN DO THIS JOB OURSELVES! I urge you to get involved and stay involved by joining GOOOH. It costs you nothing to join, and together we can renew our nation with the spirit and vision with that of our founding fathers.

God Bless America!

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