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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Other 2-1/2 Branches--Why GOOOH Really Matters!

The Federal Government is totally out of whack, as only a cursory observation would reveal to any thinking person. This has occurred because our forefathers' system of "checks and balances" has been corrupted and no longer functions properly, to the detriment of the American People, and to the glee of those in power who routinely profit from this control of our lives and wealth.

Executive Branch

Modern presidents do "their own thing" with no coordination with the other branches, or with their tacit approval. If the branches don't approve, these presidents use sly tactics such as writing a regulation that in effect "serves as a law" because he provides "enforcement" via agencies under his power.

Supreme Court

For starters, I hate that our forefathers used the word "Supreme" in the description of this branch. I'm sure they had in mind wise, unaffected sages that dedicated their lives to upholding the truths that our forefathers built into the Constitution. Alas, the thought was well intended, but what they should have said was "supreme over the other two branches...ONLY..." which would NOT imply that these nine men and/or women would be supreme over the interpretation of our Constitution by "We The People".

Are you aware that our court systems have slyly (as in foxes) removed the law pertaining to the "powers invested in juries", and placed them under the supervision of the judges and lawyers? This is why you will NEVER hear a judge instruct the jury in the manner that follows, and I quote:

The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.

John Jay, 1st Chief Justice--United States Supreme Court, 1796, Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The Other 1/2 Branch

I refer to the Senate in Congress. It has been corrupted by, unfortunately, an Amendment to the Constitution, so it was legally done (perhaps not honestly, though). Electing them by the populace is another step on the path to failure of civilizations following a progression from anarchy, to republics, to democracies (socialism), to oligarchy (the few), and finally despotism (tyranny). The States no longer have their own representation, even though THEY created the Federal Government.

The Solution

Despite all this gloom and doom, GOOOH still gives us a glimmer of hope, as Tim Cox has so wisely pointed out. He has stated that our forefathers, as part of the checks and balances, left the HOUSE in Congress under the control of the people. Hence, his reference to OUR House.

The House controls the purse strings. Want to put the Government in its place? Stop funding the projects. The House has to approve Treaties made by the Executive Branch. Want to stop "The New World Order" from coming to America? Don't approve the treaties. The House issues Declarations of War. Want to stop our involvement in almost every country in the world, much like Rome did, to their demise? Overrule actions of arrogant Presidents and stop funding their wars, despite them calling them something else.

The House has the power to accomplish all these things, and reverse the sorry path we are on toward self-destruction. But, only with the right people in the House.

GOOOH takes care of that last statement. It can work! It only takes YOU! Please, start a GOOOH support group in your area and turn out the career politicians in 2012. Don't let this glimmer of hope fade away, and don't let our current state of affairs result in "The End of The American Experiment".

Robert Humphries

Sovereign Citizen of the State of Tennessee


  1. excellent take on the current state of our govt. We have wandered so far away from the Constitutional path that true founding principles seem forgien or even extreme to most Americans. That's a shame because its those very principles that would secure our future freedoms and libertys.

  2. I concur, BOTH with your assessment of our state of Nation, as well as the why of it, AND, as well, with David's comment. Sadly though, I fear that we have willingly entered in to a compact with the spirit of vile evil and are about to reap his powers' influence in a MAJOR way.

    Our Nation was founded upon two pillars.

    God's WILL, and MAN's WILL.

    While OUR WILL was balanced with GOD'S WILL, the structure of our great house remained stable & firm, and the keel of our great "ship of state" plowed a straight course, towards righteous goals and purposes.

    But, with the willful introduction of vile disregard for God's sovereignty and supremacy, we have TRULY lost our rudder, our proper course heading, and our house is in collapse!

    And, (though I WHOLEHEARTEDLY will encourage ALL I know to help and support BOTH you & Oath Keepers), I fear that "We the people" have allowed lethargy and apathy to reign supreme, and allowed representatives of that vile spiritual entity that destroyed Ysra'el, to enter OUR house, and begin it's dismantling, a job that they have NEARLY completed.

    Unless WE, as a people, genuinely return once again to submission to the sovereignty of God's WILL, we are doomed to repeat Ysra'el's errors, and reap the consequential results.

    "Be NOT deceived, God is NOT mocked, whatsoever a man, [Nation/people] soweth, THAT shall he also reap"! gal.6:7.

    I have, nonetheless, voted in your selection, and WILL do my part to encourage your success!

    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY THANK YOU for your efforts!


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