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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just answer the question…would you!

Even before the President released his 2012 budget proposal, the media was doing its best to help draw the battle lines between the two major parties’ positions on budget cuts and spending. It’s in front of this backdrop that I can illustrate the absurd and guarded behavior that exudes from the career politician, all while at the expense of our nation’s future, and the future of our posterity.
Just prior to the budget’s release, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin 1st) made the rounds of the major morning news shows on Monday. Regardless of whom the anchor was, they tried their best to get Mr. Ryan to answer “Yes” to just one question. “Are you and your fellow Republicans willing to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits to help balance the federal budget”? Mr. Ryan skillfully maneuvered around that question while at the same time signaling to the questioner that they did indeed intend to “address the drivers of our nations ‘debt.”
Now I ask you. Why couldn’t the congressman just answer the question in a short and sweet “yes”?
Quite simply, it’s because he wants to get reelected. He knows that his opposition would like nothing better than to take a short video clip of him saying yes, and editing it to fit that question, or any number of questions to show the congressman in a poor light or as a harsh lawmaker. Never mind that most of his constituency agrees with his policies as demonstrated by his last reelection. He can’t afford to let such a little sound bite be harnessed by the opposition to be used against him and/or his party as a whole. Seems like a trivial matter, does it not? But this is just one example that shows how our congress has become a group of people who cannot or will not stand on their beliefs and morals alone so that they can represent their district.
What if your representative had already been documented as having a particular stance on a specific issue, and thus had no reason to maneuver around questioning? What if everyone, including his opposition and the media knew beforehand how he would vote on a wide range on legislative topics, and that he was basically legally bound to cast his vote as promised… would there be any reason for the media to try and set a trap?
What if he and everyone else knew from the get go that he could only serve two terms and no more… would there be any need for the concerns of reelection? If his stated purpose was to serve his district, specifically, and not have to pander to party or lobbyists for the money to obtain his allowed two terms, would he be more prone to speak his mind publically?
What if all 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives were occupied by people who didn’t have to worry about being a career politician, and all the maneuvering that comes with that territory? They could spend more time on actually tackling our nation’s problems knowing that in four years, “tops”, they would go back home, or run for office in a different political body.
This will be our reality when GOOOH takes control of Congress. A GOOOH candidate’s voting positions are pre-recorded, and he can’t change his position without consulting YOU, his constituency, first.
A GOOOH candidate is prohibited from taking any money from a political party or special interest group.
A GOOOH candidate can serve only two terms, period!
GOOOH will be running in 2012, but in the meantime, get to know what GOOOH is all about. Please visit the website @ You can join for free, and the website has all the information that you need to become knowledgeable about the GOOOH process.
There are GOOOH groups all around the country and they hold mock candidate selection sessions. Find one and take the time to attend. It will be an eye opener. Most come away with an idea of how our founders envisioned the process to find our representatives.
Good luck, God Bless, and GOOOH for it!

David Adair
GOOOH – Ga. 7th District

Sunday, February 6, 2011

They Promote from within

Last August I entered an article into this blog in which I began to describe the culture of corruption that exists in our nations’ capital, and that consists of those inhabitants that make their living in the dealings of our nations’ Congress.
I would like to build on this subject matter with this current entry.
Our elected representatives are not responsive to their constituency, and are in fact bought and paid for by special interests and party loyalty. This is not news to anyone. However, too often the acknowledgment of this reality has become relegated to the scope of “common knowledge”, and by doing so I believe most miss the weight of this reality. This is at the center of the problems with our Congress, and is also at the center of our nations’ need of government reform that GOOOH can provide.
“Culture of corruption” has become a common phrase used to describe Washington D.C., but there’s really few other good ways to describe it. Our government has become a closed society with few points of access for the everyday citizen, and those points that do exist are guarded closely by the two major parties. It is a society within our greater American society yet it has been hoisted and placed above us just out of our reach. They operate with their own rules, protocol and decorum. They enjoy hefty salaries, expensive perks, extraordinary healthcare benefits, and pension plans to which few can compare.
There are essentially three groups that occupy this “closed” society: the elected officials, their staffers, and the lobbyists. These three groups all work together, travel together, dine together, play together, and in some cases live and sleep together. They move back and forth and in and out of each group at times, between elections, jobs, posts, and positions, while scratching backs, shaking hands, rubbing elbows, greasing palms, making promises, and trading votes for campaign cash. Some merely move from one room to another without leaving the same building even though they may have been fired from their job through the election process. Others rise from staff positions to elected office while others hire lobbyists to run their staff entirely. They have become a, “ruling class”[1], if you will.
The result is that our elected officials are truly separated from the purpose and constituents that sent them to Washington in the first place, and it will be the ruin of our republic.
Allow me to provide an example: Senator John C Culver started his political career in 1962 as a legislative assistant (staffer) to Senator Ted Kennedy before returning to Iowa in 1964 to run for the U.S. House, and he won. After 5 terms as a representative he ran for the U.S. Senate in 1974 and won. He served on several committees including the Environmental, Public Works, and Small Business. In 1981 he retired from the senate and began work for the lobbying firm Arent Fox LLP where he developed and leads the “Government Relations” team. This team’s sole purpose is lobbying federal legislation. Arent Fox LLP also boasts of employing another former senator, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, a former Ambassador, the former mayor of the District of Columbia, and a former member of the board of directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.
Never heard of John C. Culver? Neither had I, but I have heard of Sen. Bob Bennett (R), who lost a reelection bid last year to a Tea Party candidate, and Sen. Byron Dorgan (D) who retired from the senate last fall. They too are now employed at Arent Fox LLP. Currently they are listed as advisors since law prohibits a former congress member from lobbying for the subsequent two years after they leave office. But I’m sure their legislative talents will be tapped after that time expires. They and many like them will for years be shaping laws and regulations and policies that effect mine and your life while having to never answer to us. This is the norm, not the exception.
Now multiply that by nearly 535 members of both houses of congress, not to mention the revolving door in the executive branch, and one can see how our representatives have become so out of touch with you and me. This is not true representative government. It must change before it’s too late.
GOOOH is the process that can put an end to this closed society. By promoting and electing everyday citizens to the U.S. House, we can return to a true representative government that our founding fathers envisioned.
Please take the time to investigate the GOOOH process yourself by visiting the website, where you can join for free. Encourage friends and family to get involved with GOOOH. Educate yourself on the process and learn how to hold mock selection sessions (MSS). There is likely a local GOOOH group in your area. If not, start one.
Together we can put and end to the corruption in our government and open this society to everyday Americans, but only if we do the heavy lifting ourselves.

David Adair
GOOOH - Ga. 7th District
*all information pertaining to former and current members of congress used in this article can be found @

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


All three of the words in this simple title can be made more profound by following a series of quotes from one man. He was a simple but exceptionally gifted German pastor and theologian who lived in the Germany of World War II. He was a spy and a martyr in the face of a terrible evil that had infected the entire world of the time. He was a man of determined action and it cost him his life in a Hitler death camp. He was a man to be studied, if one is pursuing true wisdom and is seeking a model for courage. He was a rare gift of God. His name was Dietrich Bonhoeffer and he is now becoming recognized as a significant voice on behalf of Spiritual integrity.

The first of his quotes is the PREMISE for these thoughts: “The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves for its children.”

Over the last few generations the Congress has left America and its future generations with a nation far removed from the design and intent of its founders. One would be hard pressed to identify not only the Constitutionality of but also the moral foundation for much recent legislation.

What has the Congress, in concert with the Whitehouse, left to our children? A short list would necessarily include:

1. An overwhelming debt forced upon future generations, much of which is corrupted by unnecessary and unwanted government spending and ALL of which our children will have had no control over. In addition, this debt has international implications affecting America’s security in all arenas.

2. A separation of the Christian church, bordering on defamation, from the public square. (No display of the Ten Commandments, forbidden to use the word Christmas in public schools and elimination of Christian crosses from public facilities are examples.)

3. A Congress that has promoted a profound fear of failure and has publically promoted that fear as basis for legislation designed to remove all risk. The result has always failed and has always led to oppressive regulation.

4. A national health care program guaranteed to impose government will through the actions of unaccountable bureaucrats and that will invade their very lives including life and death decisions.

5. An obligation to support entitlement and benefit programs for noncitizens that did not pay for them.

6. A court system that legislates from the bench with impunity and practices “opinion” law in place of Constitutional law.

7. A public education system that discounts accountability, willfully promotes revisionist history and deliberately omits moral values from the curriculum.

The list is much longer. And the mantra “It’s for the children” has been exposed as a terrible lie used to support a progressive agenda.

Career politicians have not done the job of protecting America from the tyranny of government. They have indeed created the above list and are cultivating its further growth.

Bonhoeffer said, “We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”

This Bonhoeffer quote spells out our OBLIGATION as citizens, citizen statesmen and those ready to step up and serve in the halls of Congress, especially those with a true heart driven to restore representative government and support and respect freedom under the moral code of conduct presented in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It will be within the character of those people to reenergize the Republic designed by the authors of the Constitution.

Finally, Bonhoeffer said, “ACTION springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.”

As a result of actions by the Congress and the President, America is now seeing men and women step up to be counted on behalf freedom. Their numbers are increasing daily. America is seeing the spontaneous formation of patriotic groups. The public has grown a thirst to know our history and apply its lessons. We have every reason to expect healthy change.

Today’s patriots must encourage men and women of courage to step up and take the challenge of elected public service and support them once they are in office.

Our nation has been damaged by it House of Representatives but hope for the restoration and recovery of Constitutional standards can be readily and easily found within the GOOOH Mission Statement.

You are encouraged to examine it for yourself and then join in the battle and drive your own spoke into the wheels of injustice.