GOOOH Mock Session in Houston, TX

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GOOOH in Lexington, KY

A letter was sent to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY, and published last month.

A version of this letter was published:

"Had enough yet? I have! Do you think there is nothing you can do about it? Well, you can! And no, it’s not a third party. And yes, you can have a part in stopping "politics as usual."

Our government has been under the control of the Democrats and/or Republicans continuously since 1867. That’s 144 years!

The recent fight to raise the debt ceiling highlights how ineffective our political leaders have become. Regardless of your opinion on the issue, the fact that we have politicians squabbling like children, blaming the "other" party, unwilling to work together for the good of our country highlights the absolute need to elect new leaders.

We don’t have to settle for this! There is actually a very simple solution and the leadership of GOOOH (short for Get Out Of Our House and pronounced GO) has developed it. Basically the plan calls for selecting a citizen, just like you or someone you know, to compete against the incumbent representative in the primary of his/her party next spring. This will be done in all 435 districts of the House of Representatives, we get a fresh start with one branch of our government.

Go to GOOOH.COM to get all the details before you decide it can't be done! Let’s end the D.C. madness.

Jeneane Denger, Wilmore, KY

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GOOOH in Greensboro, NC

On September 4, 2011 the following letter, submitted by Irving Welchons, was published in the Greensboro News and Record in Greensboro, North Carolina:

To the Editor:

Republicans and Democrats have spent more money than the government collects in all but two of the last 40 years. Why do they do it? Money buys votes. They spend your money in order to gain your favor and the favor of other voters in order to be re-elected. When your money is not enough they borrow more. This works well for them. In every election since 1964 over 80% of House incumbents have been reelected.

The question is why you allow it. You may continue to do things as you have in the past and hope for a miracle or you can make a difference by joining the Revolution underway at (pronounced Go). GOOOH is a non partisan process for electing representatives that are not indebted to special interest groups or interested in being career politicians. The future of the country is up to YOU and the time is NOW.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fox News Poll Forecasts Political Unrest... and Our Solution "Whose Time Has Come."

Fox News just released a poll that suggests that over half of us Americans are so unhappy with the government corruption of our present political system that we are willing to react... although exactly what kind of reaction is not spelled out as far as I can tell. Here is the story:

Fox News Poll: 51% Expect Major Political Uprisings in U.S. in Next Ten Years

And here is the poll's report.

My favorite author is Victor Hugo ( Les Miserables, Hunchback of Notre Dame) and one of the reasons that I love his work is because his novels are not merely a story set in a particular time period, but his novels give a very deep history of the period to accompany the fictional story line. Hugo kept things in context and relevant. He is the man who originally said, "Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come."

GOOOH is an idea whose time has come.

We have an army of people across this country that are unhappy with the government corruption and excesses prevalent in our system of government. GOOOH is a solution to address these problems in a very direct fashion while protecting and upholding the system our Founding Fathers gave to us

Check out GOOOH, invite your friends and family to check out GOOOH. See if, upon investigating it, you agree that this is indeed an idea whose time has come.

I quote another historical figure, Winston Churchill, who said, "No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time steady eye." GOOOH can stand up to scrutiny and is far from outlandish - it simply takes a reasonable number of people to engage it. It is time that we Americans band together with the understanding that somebody else is not going to fix this problem of government corruption for us. No official we elect will be able to redeem the system from the corruption that has been infused in it over the past 50+ years.  We must save our government "For the People, By the People" ourselves. Indeed, we are the only ones who can.

GOOOH is merely a vehicle for accomplishing that end. Of all possible major political uprisings one might consider, this one is peaceful, functional, and proactive rather than reactive.

Want some quotes about a bunch of notable people who have reviewed the GOOOH system? See what Dennis Miller, Lou Dobbs, and more importantly, what a lot of US citizens have to say about GOOOH.

So let's GOOOH!