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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The American Experiment---Is It Over?

How many times have we all heard the adage "Those who fail to study history, are doomed to repeat it"? Hence, in my email exchanges with my son-in-law in AL recently, he ended the last missive on the subject at hand with....The American Experiment is Over!

I had never before thought of it that way. It HAS been an experiment. When one studies history, only a cursory review will show that ALL the previous civilizations have gone by the wayside, only to be replaced by others that go through the same process of going from anarchy, to republic systems, to democracy (socialism, majority rule), to oligarchy (the few), and finally despotism (power of one, tyranny). Are we so uneducated and/or egotistical that we think, "It can't happen here"?

Where is the USA today on that spectrum? Make your own judgment, but whatever your choice, we are on the same path to self-destruction as all previous civilizations, and that fact is self-evident. Even sadder, there seems to be nothing that can stop it, regardless of all the reasoning put forth.

Gloom and Doom? Yep. But, there is still a glimmer of hope, if "We The People" will just wake from our stupor, stop being brain-washed into believing this group or that group is the answer, and recognize once again that WE HAVE THE POWER to stop it, if we can just agree to work together and put aside our partisan ways.

That glimmer of hope is: WWW.GOOOH.COM

Will this process make for a better government? Yes. Will it stay that way? Maybe, if we stay vigilant, constantly monitor the votes that are made, and make our choices one-term politicians if they don't toe the line and start getting in bed with lobbyists, and other "powers that be". Even if they do a good job, wisdom has shown that they should not stay there forever, for fear of the corruption creeping back. How many terms? Let's just leave it at "some" reasonable number, but NOT forever.

Please consider forming a GOOOH support group in your area and get them to do mock sessions to "see the light". It's all about how the candidates will vote on the ISSUES, not the 30-second commercials full of promises that are immediately broken as soon as they get in office.

Robert Humphries, Sovereign Citizen of the State of Tennessee.

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