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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Will You Help Fire Congress? Let's Go!

Career politicians are destroying the greatest nation the world has ever known. If you want to help save her, forward this note to every person you know. 

We have a way to fire Congress! We simply need you to  join GO and then convince everyone you know to do the same. It takes nothing more than an email address.

How many times have you received
Charley Reese’s last column, the Five Monkeys email, or a proposed 28th Amendment? We must do more than forward emails! Respond to every such email you receive with a link to and encouragement to join GOOOH. Get those who send these emails to join the effort to replace the career politicians!

Emails like the ones mentioned above have been circulating for years and have been read by millions, but have accomplished little. There is an actionable plan at that will force real change, but it will only work if you can convince your peers to join the movement. GO is not just an email; it is a concrete plan. If you pass this note to all on your mail list, and get them to join, we can fix Congress in 2012!

We’ve all seen the pictures of
politicians playing solitaire while in session. We read of Congressman Lee soliciting women on Craig’s List. We’ve accepted resignations from Massa and Foley for pursuing male staffers. Congressman Jefferson was caught with a freezer full of cash. Ways and Means Chairman Rangel was found guilty of 11 different ethics violations. Former Majority Leader Delay was found guilty of money laundering. Senator Ensign resigned after it was revealed his parents allegedly paid $96,000 to a female companion. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson gave taxpayer dollars to relatives as "college scholarships." Twenty-three members of Congress (or their families) received farm subsidies last year! We could fill this page with similar stories, but everyone understands that the politicians in Washington are not the right people to lead our nation. They have created this mess. The system attracts the wrong people! Let’s clean House in 2012. GO offers a way to make it happen, but only if we can get our peers to join.

How many examples must we have before we will actually do something? Those of you who have joined GOOOH clearly get it, but can you get your friends to join us?

GO members will begin choosing citizen legislators this November. Our candidates will compete in the primaries. Every person reading this is encouraged to join and be part of the solution. There is no other workable plan out there that hasn’t been tried before. Fixing “your party” from within will take decades. We cannot wait. If you are willing to help lead the effort to force change next year, send us a note.

It takes but an email address to join. Sign up and signal to the rest of the nation you want to help fire Congress. We will not send a flood of messages—only an occasional update. What are you waiting for? Politicians are destroying our nation. Let’s replace them. Please, get everyone you know to join us!

In liberty,
Tim C

Monday, April 25, 2011

“You know, if you want something done right...”

In my younger years, I recall hearing the old saying, “You know, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself”. Now I’m the one who says it and thinks it a lot.
It seems that many of the problems in my life, or “opportunities”( as the optimists like to call them), would be less severe or even non-existent, if I had just done the task or job at hand myself to begin with.

Many times in my daily life I depend on others to help me get things done. My spouse, co-workers, my children, friends etc. are called by upon, from time to time, by me to do complete work. Be it for profit of money, time, or charity. Things of all sorts need to get done for one reason or another, and inevitably we are sometimes forced to rely on other people to achieve these ends. These duties and works are very important to us. And if done correctly, they can be put to rest, and considered complete. But, if done incorrectly, it requires the work to be done over and maybe over again, until its right. Worst possibility is that it does not get done at all.

However, what is a common thought that comes to my mind when the results don’t measure up to what my expectations are? “I should have done it myself”.

Certainly you have experienced feelings of frustration, and helplessness after purchasing a good or service, only to find that what you paid for falls extremely short of what you consider acceptable. It only makes matters worse when you have to deal with representatives of that company that sold you the good or service, and in order to make it right, you end up doing their job for them. They blame you for their inability to provide the service, or the unwanted outcome is out of their control to fix. Remember, these are the same people who initiated the transaction to you so that it would fill a need or want in your life, and now they’re telling you it’s out of their control, or they place blame in other directions.
Never mind any of the promises that you have heard before from your congressman, but instead think about this question. In terms of our government...what should the word “representative” mean?
Have you been sold a bill of goods by you congressman, and do they truly represent you and your district? I am willing to wager that the answer is no, and that the reality is that they are representing special interests lobbyists, their reelection efforts, and their party. At best you are fourth on their list.

They have openly shown that they are no longer willing to listen to us citizens and our will, but rather are intent to govern against, and in spite of our will. They hold us in contempt, and see us as an obstacle to overcome, rather than a constituency to serve and represent. They arrogantly trade money for favors with no regard to whom the money really belongs to, or who the favor really impacts. They are playing a game that they themselves have constructed, and they referee the rules instead of our Constitution. The only winners have become the office holders, the losers have become the electorate, and the pretended benefactors of their plunder have become enslaved to them as dogs are to their masters. It should be acknowledged that we have not been served well, but it would be more accurate to acknowledge that we are not being served at all.

“If you want something done right…you have to do it yourself”!

We have seen that the people we have elevated to office, and have given our trust to, so as protect our Liberty and rights are not capable of doing the job. We must stop relying on that distant figure that we only know from campaign signs, TV commercials, and the occasional pre-printed e-mail or letter to represent us. No longer can we trust the established parties to foster the honest man or woman for the job. No longer can we allow special interests to buy a better seat at the table than that of the individual citizen and his rights, which are the focus of our founding documents.
That smiling face with the good haircut on a background of red, white and blue can no longer replace what needs to be done. Choices based on signs and slogans must be replaced with personal knowledge and contact with the candidate.

We must do the job ourselves! The job has to be done right from now on.

GOOOH (Get Out of Our House) is a process for promoting congressional candidates that will allow us everyday citizens to accomplish our renewed civil responsibility. Now we can have the fortune and opportunity to sit face to face with the perspective candidate and future representative. Now we can ask important questions of them ourselves rather than through the filter of a slanted media. Now we can promote the only candidate that has pledged and contracted with their district to only serve two terms, and then return to their respective homes and careers. Now we can elect a representative that will be held accountable to his constituency because they have a record of how they will vote on the important issues of the time in the first place…and if the representative needs to change his mind for a vote in congress, he is obligated to ask the people back home what they think first, before doing so. It’s called accountability, and its severely lacking with the present party/career politicians. Now we can be that representative that our nation is in dire need of.

WE CAN DO THIS JOB OURSELVES! I urge you to get involved and stay involved by joining GOOOH. It costs you nothing to join, and together we can renew our nation with the spirit and vision with that of our founding fathers.

God Bless America!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Other 2-1/2 Branches--Why GOOOH Really Matters!

The Federal Government is totally out of whack, as only a cursory observation would reveal to any thinking person. This has occurred because our forefathers' system of "checks and balances" has been corrupted and no longer functions properly, to the detriment of the American People, and to the glee of those in power who routinely profit from this control of our lives and wealth.

Executive Branch

Modern presidents do "their own thing" with no coordination with the other branches, or with their tacit approval. If the branches don't approve, these presidents use sly tactics such as writing a regulation that in effect "serves as a law" because he provides "enforcement" via agencies under his power.

Supreme Court

For starters, I hate that our forefathers used the word "Supreme" in the description of this branch. I'm sure they had in mind wise, unaffected sages that dedicated their lives to upholding the truths that our forefathers built into the Constitution. Alas, the thought was well intended, but what they should have said was "supreme over the other two branches...ONLY..." which would NOT imply that these nine men and/or women would be supreme over the interpretation of our Constitution by "We The People".

Are you aware that our court systems have slyly (as in foxes) removed the law pertaining to the "powers invested in juries", and placed them under the supervision of the judges and lawyers? This is why you will NEVER hear a judge instruct the jury in the manner that follows, and I quote:

The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.

John Jay, 1st Chief Justice--United States Supreme Court, 1796, Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The Other 1/2 Branch

I refer to the Senate in Congress. It has been corrupted by, unfortunately, an Amendment to the Constitution, so it was legally done (perhaps not honestly, though). Electing them by the populace is another step on the path to failure of civilizations following a progression from anarchy, to republics, to democracies (socialism), to oligarchy (the few), and finally despotism (tyranny). The States no longer have their own representation, even though THEY created the Federal Government.

The Solution

Despite all this gloom and doom, GOOOH still gives us a glimmer of hope, as Tim Cox has so wisely pointed out. He has stated that our forefathers, as part of the checks and balances, left the HOUSE in Congress under the control of the people. Hence, his reference to OUR House.

The House controls the purse strings. Want to put the Government in its place? Stop funding the projects. The House has to approve Treaties made by the Executive Branch. Want to stop "The New World Order" from coming to America? Don't approve the treaties. The House issues Declarations of War. Want to stop our involvement in almost every country in the world, much like Rome did, to their demise? Overrule actions of arrogant Presidents and stop funding their wars, despite them calling them something else.

The House has the power to accomplish all these things, and reverse the sorry path we are on toward self-destruction. But, only with the right people in the House.

GOOOH takes care of that last statement. It can work! It only takes YOU! Please, start a GOOOH support group in your area and turn out the career politicians in 2012. Don't let this glimmer of hope fade away, and don't let our current state of affairs result in "The End of The American Experiment".

Robert Humphries

Sovereign Citizen of the State of Tennessee

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The List Of GOOOH Supporters Grows

We are pleased to announce that Oath Keepers, a magnificent group of active military, police, veterans, and other patriotic citizens, is on board with GOOOH. They will be encouraging their members, and veterans in general, to participate in our candidate selection process beginning this November. We request that all GOOOH members take a close look at the objectives of the group – we fully support their efforts.  Oath Keepers is conducting a special membership drive through April 19. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

I remain flabbergasted that anyone supports either party. Many say their party is not as bad as the alternative, but both parties are destroying our nation. How long will we allow them to lie so blatantly? How long will we let them play us like fools? It is time to do things differently.

If your favorite golfer declares he is going to spend $1,000 on a new set of clubs that he cannot afford and takes the money from your kid’s piggy bank, would you allow it? If he only spends $600, did he really save YOU $400? Politicians, having already stolen and spent the money, are now stuffing the pig with IOU’s our kids must somehow repay. Tell your friends to wake up before it is too late!

The Democrats are actually bragging that the $38 billion reduction in the just-passed-budget was “the largest annual spending cut in our history.” They must believe we are too stupid to know the cuts were against PROPOSED spending and they are BORROWING forty cents on every dollar? The fact that there would have been no cuts if the Republicans had not forced them is conveniently ignored. The fact that they failed to pass a budget last November, as their job mandates, is long forgotten. They might as well call us idiots.

The Republicans, on the other hand, conveniently ignore that the $38 billion in cuts are barely a third of what they promised in October. They also pledged to get us on a path to a balanced budget. With the new Paul Ryan plan they are touting, which has absolutely no chance of passing, it would take THIRTY YEARS to balance the budget. Further, the plan ridiculously assumes the unemployment rate will fall to a level never before experienced, the housing market will boom and interest rates will remain at historical lows. These are unrealistic assumptions and they know it. They have no intention of balancing the budget; they simply want a sound bite the press will report so people will think they have a plan. They must believe we are as intelligent as a box of rocks.

If we continue to vote for them and to support this rigged system, perhaps they are right.

Neither party has any hope of controlling spending. With all the money that is being printed, prices will continue to rise. Interest rates will soon follow. The cost of living is going up, including your tax bill.

We must elect leaders who will tackle the problems. We can do something about it, but only if we get our friends to pull their head out of the sand. Convince them to join us.

The solution is simple: elect citizen legislators and end partisan politics. We offer a way to make it happen, but we need leaders. Will you step up and help?

Join the leadership team by replying to this note. Help ensure we have at least 250 members in your district so we can find a quality candidate. If you do, we can save our country. If you remain too busy to get involved, it will soon be too late.

We are building alliances with leaders of groups like Oath Keepers, the Abigail Adams Project, the Constitution Party,, the Tenth Amendment Center, and the Save America Foundation. Numerous independent, patriotic organizations support our plan. We encourage you to evaluate these groups and join those you are in agreement with. Let’s leverage our numbers and challenge the politicians on multiple fronts.

We are building an incredibly strong network nationally. If you would like us to include your group on our list, send a note to We intend to promote supporting groups on an ongoing basis.

The hole is getting deeper. How long can we wait? Get involved!

In Liberty,
Tim Cox

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The American Experiment---Is It Over?

How many times have we all heard the adage "Those who fail to study history, are doomed to repeat it"? Hence, in my email exchanges with my son-in-law in AL recently, he ended the last missive on the subject at hand with....The American Experiment is Over!

I had never before thought of it that way. It HAS been an experiment. When one studies history, only a cursory review will show that ALL the previous civilizations have gone by the wayside, only to be replaced by others that go through the same process of going from anarchy, to republic systems, to democracy (socialism, majority rule), to oligarchy (the few), and finally despotism (power of one, tyranny). Are we so uneducated and/or egotistical that we think, "It can't happen here"?

Where is the USA today on that spectrum? Make your own judgment, but whatever your choice, we are on the same path to self-destruction as all previous civilizations, and that fact is self-evident. Even sadder, there seems to be nothing that can stop it, regardless of all the reasoning put forth.

Gloom and Doom? Yep. But, there is still a glimmer of hope, if "We The People" will just wake from our stupor, stop being brain-washed into believing this group or that group is the answer, and recognize once again that WE HAVE THE POWER to stop it, if we can just agree to work together and put aside our partisan ways.

That glimmer of hope is: WWW.GOOOH.COM

Will this process make for a better government? Yes. Will it stay that way? Maybe, if we stay vigilant, constantly monitor the votes that are made, and make our choices one-term politicians if they don't toe the line and start getting in bed with lobbyists, and other "powers that be". Even if they do a good job, wisdom has shown that they should not stay there forever, for fear of the corruption creeping back. How many terms? Let's just leave it at "some" reasonable number, but NOT forever.

Please consider forming a GOOOH support group in your area and get them to do mock sessions to "see the light". It's all about how the candidates will vote on the ISSUES, not the 30-second commercials full of promises that are immediately broken as soon as they get in office.

Robert Humphries, Sovereign Citizen of the State of Tennessee.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Citizen Representatives Take Back Country

Would you like to fire Congress?

How would you vote on these bills?

Will you vote for or against a balanced budget amendment?
Will you vote for or against nationalized health care?
Will you vote for or against eliminating the federal Department of Education?
Will you vote for or against closing the border?
Will you vote for or against the SINGLE bill act?

What has your representative done to force votes on these issues and those you find important?

Did you know that Congress received its lowest approval rating ever last December, at 13%. It is not hard to understand why. The debt continues to grow from $7 to $14 trillion, the borders remain open, education has not improved, unemployment is at an all time high, the housing market has collapsed in much of the country, the tax system has not changed, and on and on it goes.

Politicians will not pass the 28th amendment that has been circulating for years because it would reduce their power. They will not pass a Fair or Flat tax because it eliminates their ability to reward special interest groups. They will not abolish organizations like the Department of Education because they do not want to alienate teacher unions. They will not seal the borders because they fear offending Hispanics. They will not reform campaign financing because they need millions of dollars to get re-elected. They will not cut spending because it will cost votes. Politicians cannot and will not do what must be done. With everything going on in the country our nation is no longer united and failing.

It is a sad reality, but each newly elected Congress proves that our political system and the never-ending quest for re-election prevents politicians from fixing what we all know is broken.

Can a Republic survive when elected politicians hide like cowards? Why bother to have elections if those elected will not bother to vote or even debate? When politicians of both parties demonize everything the other party does the situation can only get worse.

Our children and theirs are counting on us to do the work that must be done. If we don't turn things around soon, we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. Politicians and the two parties cannot fix what they have broken. They will continue to point fingers and claim that without more power they cannot succeed. They will continue to make excuses while the situation deteriorates.

When will you and your neighbors scream “ENOUGH!”

I know you are tired of partisan gridlock and political grandstanding from the two parties, but are you willing to work to force change? It is up to us to take charge. We cannot wait for others. We have a way to fix what we all know is broken, but we must have your help to succeed. If you are not willing to help, our nation will fail.

The only solution is to elect true citizen representatives who are not worried about keeping their party in power or getting re-elected.  Elect those who are not beholden to special interest groups that fund them.

We seek the modern day incarnations of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin. Perhaps that is someone you know. Perhaps that person is you. Help us replace the career politicians. Help us elect true citizen representatives.

There are many who will continue to insist the solution is to put their party in charge, but they will argue until our nation fails. There are others who will ignore the situation, trusting it will fix itself. And there are those who will say our plan cannot work. Ask them to propose an alternative. It is time to press the issue.

We have a workable plan. We have it in our power to save us from ourselves, but only if each of us will step outside our comfort zone and help us recruit others. The current system is rigged! Help us elect 435 true citizen representatives to serve in OUR House of Representatives. George Washington stepped aside after two terms as President because he did not want any one person to become more important than the system. Will your representative do the same, or is he more concerned about his political career? Let your representative, if you like him or her, move to the Senate or run for Governor of his or her state. 

If you are willing to fight for your country then visit GOOOH (pronounced “go”) which stands for Get Out of Our House at and join the movement to fire Congress! If you would like to speak with someone about GOOOH  
contact a Texas GOOOH coordinator at or or or call Renee at 832-326-8349, Jennifer at 713-256-5852 or Mark at 281-924-4083.

Help GOOOH take back OUR country!

Renee Glazer
The Woodlands, Texas
GOOOH Texas District 8 Coordinator