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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Will You Help Fire Congress? Let's Go!

Career politicians are destroying the greatest nation the world has ever known. If you want to help save her, forward this note to every person you know. 

We have a way to fire Congress! We simply need you to  join GO and then convince everyone you know to do the same. It takes nothing more than an email address.

How many times have you received
Charley Reese’s last column, the Five Monkeys email, or a proposed 28th Amendment? We must do more than forward emails! Respond to every such email you receive with a link to and encouragement to join GOOOH. Get those who send these emails to join the effort to replace the career politicians!

Emails like the ones mentioned above have been circulating for years and have been read by millions, but have accomplished little. There is an actionable plan at that will force real change, but it will only work if you can convince your peers to join the movement. GO is not just an email; it is a concrete plan. If you pass this note to all on your mail list, and get them to join, we can fix Congress in 2012!

We’ve all seen the pictures of
politicians playing solitaire while in session. We read of Congressman Lee soliciting women on Craig’s List. We’ve accepted resignations from Massa and Foley for pursuing male staffers. Congressman Jefferson was caught with a freezer full of cash. Ways and Means Chairman Rangel was found guilty of 11 different ethics violations. Former Majority Leader Delay was found guilty of money laundering. Senator Ensign resigned after it was revealed his parents allegedly paid $96,000 to a female companion. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson gave taxpayer dollars to relatives as "college scholarships." Twenty-three members of Congress (or their families) received farm subsidies last year! We could fill this page with similar stories, but everyone understands that the politicians in Washington are not the right people to lead our nation. They have created this mess. The system attracts the wrong people! Let’s clean House in 2012. GO offers a way to make it happen, but only if we can get our peers to join.

How many examples must we have before we will actually do something? Those of you who have joined GOOOH clearly get it, but can you get your friends to join us?

GO members will begin choosing citizen legislators this November. Our candidates will compete in the primaries. Every person reading this is encouraged to join and be part of the solution. There is no other workable plan out there that hasn’t been tried before. Fixing “your party” from within will take decades. We cannot wait. If you are willing to help lead the effort to force change next year, send us a note.

It takes but an email address to join. Sign up and signal to the rest of the nation you want to help fire Congress. We will not send a flood of messages—only an occasional update. What are you waiting for? Politicians are destroying our nation. Let’s replace them. Please, get everyone you know to join us!

In liberty,
Tim C

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