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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Numbers Don't Lie

I request that you forward this question to all on your mail list: “What will it take for you to consider the criticality of the situation in America?” Please give thought to the following numbers.

Did you know that for every $100 our government collects in taxes this year, we owe $700?

Did you know that $20 of every $100 must be used to pay the interest on our debt?  Imagine if you made $60,000 a year and had to pay $12,000 in interest ($1,000 a month).

It gets worse. For every $100 collected, politicians are spending $140. Five years from now, in our example, that $1,000 a month interest payment will become $2,500; a person making $60,000 a year would be paying $30,000 in interest! That does not even consider paying off the amount owed, nor does it consider the very real possibility that interest rates will soon rise. Do you understand how critical the situation is?

You may hate math as much as the next guy, but if this doesn’t alarm you, you are not paying attention.

Are you willing to do something about it or are you going to ignore the problem and simply hope it will go away?

It will not.

This is not a bad movie that simply ends; it is the financial situation in America. It has been building for years. Unfortunately, most Americans have ignored the warnings.

As a result, the debt grows incessantly and the situation deteriorates at an accelerating rate. Politicians do not have a solution. Only a fool would believe that the very people who have created this problem could fix it. Those who think electing a new President will fix the problem should think again. Congress controls the budget, not the President! We must replace the politicians!

Those who believe raising the income tax rate is a solution need to study the numbers. We could raise the rate on every “rich” person in America by 50% but it would not come close to solving this problem. Spending must be cut, drastically. The terrible thing about math is numbers do not lie.

I suggest we have but two choices: collapse financially or fire Congress. Politicians guarantee collapse. The recommendation is to Fire Congress!

The good news is we can replace them. You have it in your power to make it happen, but only if you will join GO. If you will get involved we can prevent the destruction of our nation. If you ignore the situation, our nation will fail. What will you do?

For four years we have been building a solid base of supporters; we now have 90,000 members. Will you join us? We will begin implementing our plan to replace the politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives this November with the selection of 36 candidates in Texas. The rest of the nation will follow according to this schedule in districts where we have 250 members and a leader.

Our strategy is simple: build a five person leadership team in each district that will recruit 250 members. We have many leaders and teams already in place. Many districts already have 250 members. We can get our nation back on track if you will help. Will you consider leading in your locale?

I know you are busy; everyone is. How much debt can we accumulate before we collapse financially? If we wish to remain the greatest nation the world has ever known, we must force change. Are you willing to put in at least a couple of minutes a day to ensure we succeed? Will you consider performing just a few of the tasks on the list below?

Email any of the following Texas radio hosts and suggest they consider GOOOH as a topic for their show: Michel Berry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Vote to get us on this show.

Call one of the Top 10 Radio Hosts and suggest they consider GOOOH as an alternative to their party and the career politicians. If the line is busy, dial again. If you are determined, program the numbers into your phone and call whenever you can.

12:00 – 3:00 PM          Rush Limbaugh           800-282-2882
3:00 – 6:00 PM            Sean Hannity               800-941-7326
9:00 – 12:00 PM          Glenn Beck                 888-727-2325
6:00 – 8:00 PM            Michael Savage           800-449-8255
9:00 - 12:00 PM           Laura Ingraham           800-876-4123
2:00 – 5:00 PM            Dave Ramsey              888-825-5225
6:00 – 9:00 PM            Mark Levin                 877-381-3811
12:00 – 3:00 PM          Thom Hartmann          866-987-9466
12:00 – 3:00 PM          Ed Schultz                   877-934-6833
?????                           Joe Madison                301-429-2631

If you enjoy talking to others on the phone, add one to your phone number, dial the number, and ask the person who answers if you can tell them about our plan to fire congress. Then add one and call the next person. If you get a recording, leave a message and suggest they visit to learn about our plan to fire congress. We must step out of our comfort zone if wish to save our nation.

If you need more ideas, ask. All we need to succeed is 250 members in your district. Help us get there. We can fire the career politicians if each person receiving this note will continue to recruit others. Forward this note to every person you know. The tipping point is near, but we must work to find it.

In Liberty,
Tim Cox

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wisdom From My Grandfather
(Not to be confused with “Dreams From My Father” by Bill Ayers and/or that other guy)

File this either under “What is past is prologue” or “Everything old is new again.”

This letter came to my attention many years after my grandfather went to his final reward. I am saddened that he never knew that some of us down-liners inherited his outrage gene. I am further saddened that he and I never had a chance to discuss these matters.

In the approximately once per generation economic excesses and insanity – almost always triggered by the existence of un-backed fiat paper “money” – a minority of citizens living through the madness grasp what’s going on. But only a small handful speaks out about it.

I have been speaking out about it since my late friend Tupper Saussy introduced me to Roger Sherman. (Check him out.)

I am proud that my grandfather was also one of those who spoke out.

Unfortunately, few have either the desire or capability to grasp the nexus of the problem let alone try to affect the necessary changes.

Yet we persist, as the alternative is too grim to contemplate.

And if you don’t think YOU will not be impacted or – like a certain unnamed Atlanta talk jock –think you can “outrun” what’s coming, that flapping sound you may hear are some very BIG buzzards coming home to roost -- at YOUR house!


Coshocton, Ohio
May 13, 1938

Mr. Uncle Sam
c/o Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
Washington, D.C.

My Dear Uncle:

I am in receipt of a letter dated May 5th, from Mr. Morgenthau, which letter he signed as your Secretary of the Treasury. According to the dictionary, a Treasury is, among other things, a place in which stores of wealth are deposited, and as there does not seem to be any wealth in your Treasury, it would seem that he should have signed the letter as your Treasurer of the Deficit, as, according to the dictionary, a Treasurer is, among other things, an officer who receives the public money and disperses it and, as he has dispersed a great deal more money than he has received, he is in charge of a Deficit, instead of being in charge of the Treasury.

In his letter, he attempts to persuade me that I should lend you some money by buying Savings Bonds and he states that more than 1,260,000 people own more than $1,600,000,000 maturity value of these bonds, in addition to which, I understand that you owe about $36,000,000,000 on various other kinds of bonds and notes, and that you have a contingent liability of additional billions. In his letter, he states that the savings bonds mature in ten years from the date of issue, and that they may be redeemed for a stated amount at any time after sixty days from the date of issue. This all sounds very impressive, but when these bonds mature, or in case an effort is made to have them redeemed previous to maturity, I am wondering what you will exchange for them. Will it be food, clothing and housing, or will it be 59 cent dollars of some other much greater reduced value, which dollars, as was the case with the German Mark, under similar conditions, may be of value mainly as waste paper?

When considering an application for a loan, the reputation of the prospective borrower is generally considered to be of first importance, and to be real frank about it, your actions during the past five years have not been such as to inspire confidence in you, as in addition to spending in countless foolish ways, a great deal more than your income, you have not been absolutely honorable, truthful and reliable. After borrowing large sums of money upon the promise to repay it in gold, you decided not to do so. In addition, you took from your nieces and nephews all of the gold which we had and buried it in the hills of Kentucky. I am wondering if you think that by planting it, you can cause it to grow in value, or if, like whiskey, you think the quality of it will improve with age. You are also forcing your nieces and nephews to turn over to you large sums of money, which you have promised to save for us and to return to us when old age overtakes us. Instead of saving this money for us as promised, however, you have been spending it as fast as it is received, in what appears to be nothing more or less than a drunken joy-ride.

Even though one of your age and experience should realize that it does no good to prime a broken pump, especially after having tried it for several years without success, you continue to prime the business pump, and to kick and cuss it and work on it with a sledgehammer.

I addition to other things, the frequent use of a hypodermic has done you no good, and probably explains why you penalize and abuse your nieces and nephews who are thrifty and industrious, and reward those who are incompetent and lazy; why you killed five or six million little pigs, even though our political friends are always hungry for pork; and why you destroyed crops of cotton, wheat, corn, etc. to the advantage of producers in other nations.

Like any incompetent spendthrift who violates all the tried and tested laws of economics, there must be a day of reckoning for you at some time in the future, at which time you will find it impossible to pay your debts, or else you will be obliged to pay them in depreciated currency. In either event, it does not appear to be safe or wise to lend you any more money to be used by you in making whoopee and playing Santa Claus. In order to save you from yourself and to prevent the dissipation of what few assets you may have left, a guardian should be appointed for you but this will take time and probably cannot be accomplished previous to 1940.

Your distressed nephew,

Karl W. Bachert

GOOOH is trying to improve the way business is done by sending to Washington more folks with a commodity in very short supply up there: Common sense. By electing folks who care more about the next generation than the next election, we might be able to leave our kids and grandkids at least what we inherited from our ancestors. We took a stab at it last November, but as you read this, it appears that even a number of the new Tea Party folks have failed to heed my warning and drank the water in D.C.

If you want to know how GOOOH proposes to put America back on the rails by electing the temporary “citizen-legislators” the Founders envisioned, not more pocket-lining, go along to get along professional office-seekers, visit the website at and learn more.