GOOOH Mock Session in Houston, TX

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Few Good Reasons To Support The GOOOH Mission

The concept of servant leadership must be restored to the Congress, if America is to survive as a nation free of and dependent upon thoughtless bureaucracies created by a Congress inhabited by those who manipulate public feelings in order to distort facts for the selfish purpose of their own reelection.

Even a cursory review of the consequences of Congressional actions based largely on the perceived emotions of the electorate in order to be reelected reveals the need to support the GOOOH mission.

GOOOH will develop and support Congressional candidates who will:

1. Understand that domestic agricultural, mineral and energy resource development, production and transportation are critical to not only economic security but the physical security of America as well.
2. Demand a return to Constitutional values and the foundation principles of the document itself when presenting legislation for consideration by the Congress.
3. Act independently and not be swayed by the power that large “campaign contributions” can yield.
4. Act on fact after honest and exhaustive examination no matter how inconvenient or damaging to their political careers.
5. Honor individuality not collectivist diversity.
6. Defend the morality presented in America’s founding documents and their intent and dismiss overt and damaging political correctness which targets those values for failure.
7. Support the elimination of frivolous and unnecessary regulations and control or even eliminate those agencies known to habitually promote such regulations.
8. Actively promote the concept of nonintrusive government at all levels.
9. Willingly defend America from all enemies domestic and foreign and in the process of engaging those enemies work diligently to guarantee their total defeat.
10. See no threat to society in the faith based concepts presented in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

These are the core values of GOOOH. Examine their web site and see for yourself. This group of involved citizens represents and defends the above 10 ideals. It is their passion and reflects true patriotism.