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Friday, April 1, 2011

Citizen Representatives Take Back Country

Would you like to fire Congress?

How would you vote on these bills?

Will you vote for or against a balanced budget amendment?
Will you vote for or against nationalized health care?
Will you vote for or against eliminating the federal Department of Education?
Will you vote for or against closing the border?
Will you vote for or against the SINGLE bill act?

What has your representative done to force votes on these issues and those you find important?

Did you know that Congress received its lowest approval rating ever last December, at 13%. It is not hard to understand why. The debt continues to grow from $7 to $14 trillion, the borders remain open, education has not improved, unemployment is at an all time high, the housing market has collapsed in much of the country, the tax system has not changed, and on and on it goes.

Politicians will not pass the 28th amendment that has been circulating for years because it would reduce their power. They will not pass a Fair or Flat tax because it eliminates their ability to reward special interest groups. They will not abolish organizations like the Department of Education because they do not want to alienate teacher unions. They will not seal the borders because they fear offending Hispanics. They will not reform campaign financing because they need millions of dollars to get re-elected. They will not cut spending because it will cost votes. Politicians cannot and will not do what must be done. With everything going on in the country our nation is no longer united and failing.

It is a sad reality, but each newly elected Congress proves that our political system and the never-ending quest for re-election prevents politicians from fixing what we all know is broken.

Can a Republic survive when elected politicians hide like cowards? Why bother to have elections if those elected will not bother to vote or even debate? When politicians of both parties demonize everything the other party does the situation can only get worse.

Our children and theirs are counting on us to do the work that must be done. If we don't turn things around soon, we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. Politicians and the two parties cannot fix what they have broken. They will continue to point fingers and claim that without more power they cannot succeed. They will continue to make excuses while the situation deteriorates.

When will you and your neighbors scream “ENOUGH!”

I know you are tired of partisan gridlock and political grandstanding from the two parties, but are you willing to work to force change? It is up to us to take charge. We cannot wait for others. We have a way to fix what we all know is broken, but we must have your help to succeed. If you are not willing to help, our nation will fail.

The only solution is to elect true citizen representatives who are not worried about keeping their party in power or getting re-elected.  Elect those who are not beholden to special interest groups that fund them.

We seek the modern day incarnations of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin. Perhaps that is someone you know. Perhaps that person is you. Help us replace the career politicians. Help us elect true citizen representatives.

There are many who will continue to insist the solution is to put their party in charge, but they will argue until our nation fails. There are others who will ignore the situation, trusting it will fix itself. And there are those who will say our plan cannot work. Ask them to propose an alternative. It is time to press the issue.

We have a workable plan. We have it in our power to save us from ourselves, but only if each of us will step outside our comfort zone and help us recruit others. The current system is rigged! Help us elect 435 true citizen representatives to serve in OUR House of Representatives. George Washington stepped aside after two terms as President because he did not want any one person to become more important than the system. Will your representative do the same, or is he more concerned about his political career? Let your representative, if you like him or her, move to the Senate or run for Governor of his or her state. 

If you are willing to fight for your country then visit GOOOH (pronounced “go”) which stands for Get Out of Our House at and join the movement to fire Congress! If you would like to speak with someone about GOOOH  
contact a Texas GOOOH coordinator at or or or call Renee at 832-326-8349, Jennifer at 713-256-5852 or Mark at 281-924-4083.

Help GOOOH take back OUR country!

Renee Glazer
The Woodlands, Texas
GOOOH Texas District 8 Coordinator

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