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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The List Of GOOOH Supporters Grows

We are pleased to announce that Oath Keepers, a magnificent group of active military, police, veterans, and other patriotic citizens, is on board with GOOOH. They will be encouraging their members, and veterans in general, to participate in our candidate selection process beginning this November. We request that all GOOOH members take a close look at the objectives of the group – we fully support their efforts.  Oath Keepers is conducting a special membership drive through April 19. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

I remain flabbergasted that anyone supports either party. Many say their party is not as bad as the alternative, but both parties are destroying our nation. How long will we allow them to lie so blatantly? How long will we let them play us like fools? It is time to do things differently.

If your favorite golfer declares he is going to spend $1,000 on a new set of clubs that he cannot afford and takes the money from your kid’s piggy bank, would you allow it? If he only spends $600, did he really save YOU $400? Politicians, having already stolen and spent the money, are now stuffing the pig with IOU’s our kids must somehow repay. Tell your friends to wake up before it is too late!

The Democrats are actually bragging that the $38 billion reduction in the just-passed-budget was “the largest annual spending cut in our history.” They must believe we are too stupid to know the cuts were against PROPOSED spending and they are BORROWING forty cents on every dollar? The fact that there would have been no cuts if the Republicans had not forced them is conveniently ignored. The fact that they failed to pass a budget last November, as their job mandates, is long forgotten. They might as well call us idiots.

The Republicans, on the other hand, conveniently ignore that the $38 billion in cuts are barely a third of what they promised in October. They also pledged to get us on a path to a balanced budget. With the new Paul Ryan plan they are touting, which has absolutely no chance of passing, it would take THIRTY YEARS to balance the budget. Further, the plan ridiculously assumes the unemployment rate will fall to a level never before experienced, the housing market will boom and interest rates will remain at historical lows. These are unrealistic assumptions and they know it. They have no intention of balancing the budget; they simply want a sound bite the press will report so people will think they have a plan. They must believe we are as intelligent as a box of rocks.

If we continue to vote for them and to support this rigged system, perhaps they are right.

Neither party has any hope of controlling spending. With all the money that is being printed, prices will continue to rise. Interest rates will soon follow. The cost of living is going up, including your tax bill.

We must elect leaders who will tackle the problems. We can do something about it, but only if we get our friends to pull their head out of the sand. Convince them to join us.

The solution is simple: elect citizen legislators and end partisan politics. We offer a way to make it happen, but we need leaders. Will you step up and help?

Join the leadership team by replying to this note. Help ensure we have at least 250 members in your district so we can find a quality candidate. If you do, we can save our country. If you remain too busy to get involved, it will soon be too late.

We are building alliances with leaders of groups like Oath Keepers, the Abigail Adams Project, the Constitution Party,, the Tenth Amendment Center, and the Save America Foundation. Numerous independent, patriotic organizations support our plan. We encourage you to evaluate these groups and join those you are in agreement with. Let’s leverage our numbers and challenge the politicians on multiple fronts.

We are building an incredibly strong network nationally. If you would like us to include your group on our list, send a note to We intend to promote supporting groups on an ongoing basis.

The hole is getting deeper. How long can we wait? Get involved!

In Liberty,
Tim Cox

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