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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Will We Spend To Regain Our Freedom?

In 2008 a deep growl of discontent and a seriously heightened sense of uncertainty fell on America as it awakened to realize the impact of the election to national office those who embrace an oppressive socialist ideal of government. The consequence of that election is a nation governed by men and women who dismiss the Constitution as outdated and have replaced moral values with invasive regulation. They do this with an arrogant impunity never before witnessed in our history. It was quickly revealed that many in the newly elected government actively embraced Marxist/Leninist ideals. Their subsequent confirmations and appointments to executive and judicial positions reflect this fact.

When Claire Booth Luce said, “Communism is the opiate of the intellectuals….” she was referring to intellect without complementary wisdom or personal humility, a typical character defect of leadership characterized by elitism and arrogance.

But freedom loving America did not sleep following the election and the growling was short lived as it raced past uncertainty into certain action without so much as a backward glance toward unqualified anger. Uncertainty was met with thousands of power filled, enthusiastic and dedicated grassroots movements. The words of President Eisenhower reflect the very foundation of these movements. He said, “There is nothing wrong with America that faith, love of freedom, intelligence and energy of her citizens cannot cure.” Such is the character of the GOOOH movement.

The GOOOH movement, as well as many other grassroots organizations, has enlisted and encouraged citizen volunteers who refuse to be silenced by those whose folly is found in thinking that America is not thinking. The movement is not characterized by plastic, spiritless drones possessing the minds of the indoctrinated and yielding absently the politically correct. It refuses to be part of a faceless and cowardly political machine operating in the dark and professing to somehow know the secret of a greater knowledge of the common good. Even the briefest honest examination of GOOOH will reveal the American spirit of freedom at its best.

GOOOH and other groups are daily reminding those in elected office at all levels that they are to serve us and that we do not serve them, no matter what office they occupy or level of respect that they feel that they are privileged to command from us.

Over the last many months Americans have gathered by the millions and hundreds of thousands at our capital doors with one purpose - to return our nation to its Constitutional roots and we will gather again and again there and at the poles to do so. However long it takes we will continue to pronounce that elected and appointed government does not command, it serves.

We citizens demand the inalienable right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness so hard earned by our Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are citizens who dare say in a loud and public voice to our elected and appointed government:
How dare you so casually dismiss our thoughts, our wisdom and our God given rights?

How dare you use regulatory trickery to modify the purpose and objectives of the Constitution? How dare you present propaganda and political correctness in place of truth and fact? How dare you convict us of the crime of desiring individuality in how we live in our own homes? How dare you impose amoral values on our children in their schools? How dare you revise and distort historical fact to fit your purpose? How dare you attempt to recruit us into government dependence? And, how dare you deny or judge the purity of our Christianity, or any other religious practice?

We will continue to loudly remind government that blatant misuse of power and self
serving alteration of the Constitution is a treatable cancer in our yet free nation.

So, what will we spend to regain our freedom?

Our labor, our Self - in some degree all of its components - our physical resources, our pride, our willingness to make mistakes and be corrected and our time and our skills are only a few of the things we are willing to spend with willing grace and determination.

In the process of this making this expenditure we will never yield our integrity to government.

And finally we will simply spend: Our vote, as Lincoln said, “…not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Choose to be active. It is a simple choice and it will impact the upcoming elections. Sign on to GOOOH and tell your friends about it. The more people who know of GOOOH and sign up the more we can expect a positive outcome in the upcoming elections.

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