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Monday, June 6, 2011


During his time in office the president has spent a considerable amount time alienating our allies and apologizing for our nation’s history. One cannot help but think how naïve, if not dangerous, these apologies are, both internationally and especially domestically.

He is not alone in condemning America. There are 70 avowed socialists in the House of Representatives who also make it a practice to publically distort our noble history and wish to deny our freedoms. We have seen their actions in the health care bill, a Department of education promoting Marxist thought and amoral behavior as acceptable, approval of socialist leaning cabinet members and a trashed economy. These people support the president in his ill advised propaganda parade. Trashing our exceptionalism, condemning the free market, demeaning our Christian roots and making a mockery of family are their calling cards. It is not just the socialists, that sort of behavior is expected of them. It is by far more insidiously a Congress which will not take positive action, a Congress that sits on the status quo in order to protect its reelection and its exclusive benefits.

As long as the people of our nation exercise the courage, will and desire to exercise freedom and treasure our liberty, attempts to bring us to socialism will continue to meet with stern resistance because failure will manifest itself in malicious subservience to government.

And that is why I support the GOOOH program.

Not concerned yet?

Worldwide socialist models show an abundant history of failures. Examples include the murder of 30 million innocents by Stalin, one of the model socialists of the twentieth century. And let us not forget China the scene of 70 million murders by the communist Chairman Mao. A contemporary example is found in the starving population of North Korea and its prisons full of men, women and children who had the temerity to differ with its socialist dictator, while he adds to his military as his people starve and go without basic necessities.

Probably no nation is free of horrible acts in its history. Those so anxious to present our failings should know that the Russian fur traders of the 19th century murdered and tortured Aleut Indians of Alaska for sport. The Japanese tortured and murdered the Chinese prior to World War II. The nation of Germany was victimized by Hitler’s atrocities well before the war started. There are countless other examples of heinous behavior by nations in times past as well as times present, see today’s Africa.

As hideous as these examples are, the most profound cost to these nations was the death of the will of their citizens.

Certainly some of these aforementioned nations have become better with the defeat of their dictatorships. This is not to justify the acts of our own history it is only to point out that condemning America by apologizing for past actions in an attempt to present the United States on a comparative historical basis is merely a transparent, but deliberate and dangerous, propaganda tactic. The point is that socialism has a profound history of the most inhuman and vicious kinds of human rights failures, failures we do not wish to experience in America.

Too many in Congress today are deliberately lukewarm to the threat of socialism. It shows in their unwillingness to put down their egos and support, with courage, the defense of the Constitution and freedom from the excesses of an out of control government.

They have turned the face of government away from the people not toward them. It is a willing act. Congress seems almost unaware of the oppressive regulation perpetrated by unelected czars and an administration willing to trash the Constitution.

Purposeful blindness is an effective mechanism by which secular progressive liberals can dismiss the concept of servant leadership. And servant leadership is a concept that has escaped the prominence it deserves. Those in Congress who are silent in the face of such neglect need to be driven out of office.

When a nation’s population is driven or deceived into accepting as normal the ultimate cowardice represented by the creeping onset of socialism and its final victory, history has proven that economic and human suffering is the inevitable result.

Courage is the hallmark of freedom, not government.

We need not have OUR president or members of OUR Congress represent generations past and today’s American citizens as cowards before America itself or the international community. It is a disgrace to our history, to the office of President and to Congress.

So, the elected members of OUR government do not need to apologize to “We The Government” of other nations. They need to apologize to “We The People” of the United States of America.

Never in American history has it been more critical to understand that Congress as a body has let us down in the face of the self interests of many of its members. These members who find it necessary to condemn America must be removed from office and removed by our vote as well as by our actions, if we are to maintain our freedom and security.

It is time to act on behalf of freedom. It is time to dismiss members of the House of Representatives who would condemn or apologize for America and Americans. It is time to stand up America.

It is time to support the GOOOH mission and objectives. Tell your friends about GOOOH, sign them up and encourage men and women of character to run for office. Encourage servant leadership. STOP THE STATUS QUO IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! We have the votes. Let us use the privilege to vote to return the face of government to the people!

Bob Huck

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