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Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I GOOOH and why I won’t STOP

(Reuters) – “A broad $4 trillion deal on U.S. deficit reduction appeared out of reach on Saturday as Republican leader John Boehner cited a rift with the White House on taxes and proposed pursuing a more modest package.”

(House Committee on Small Business) – “Agriculture, Energy and Trade Subcommittee Chairman Scott Tipton (R-CO) today held a hearing to examine how the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) proposed GIPSA rule could hurt thousands of small businesses...”

(RollCall) – “Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) won’t unveil his budget to the public this week after all, aides said Thursday…”

… and that’s just the top stories I find this past weekend as I Googled to see what’s up on The Hill. America’s credit rating is on the brink of disaster. Our economy continuing to be in the tank, and at the center of the problem is how the current administration is attacking small businesses. Our elected officials in congress playing games with our money behind closed doors in a never-ending chess game where the common-sense suspicion is that certain persons or entities will profit at the public’s expense. The suspicion is well-founded: political profiteering is a song that history shows us has a never-ending supply of verses.

In the last major election of 2008 we saw ACORN do their darndest to steal all sorts of state and national elections. And we, the voter, felt overwhelmed about how to wrestle back control of this government that was intended to be for the people, by the people. So like many of you, somewhere around Tax Day 2009, I looked to see how I could involve myself in some collection of concerned citizens. Depending on your location it may have been a group formed under the banner of the Tea Party. Were I live, I was not overly impressed with the Big Kahuna in charge of my local Tea Party organization and was concerned that opportunism seemed to dictate how the local organization was being run. I tend to be very leery of cult of personality, too, and so the Tea Party was not my cup of tea. The local establishment  of my chosen political party was not very helpful to me, either. I hope you found your concerns about corruption in politics to be seriously addressed by your local party representatives, but I did not – they are just as bad, if not worse, than the corrupted creeps operating at the national level.

Wherever you found you could insert yourself in the political landscape of 2009, and however you maintained your engagement through the off-year elections, an ocean of people crashed on the political scene and the 2010 elections did create a lot of turnover in Washington DC. And that is good, but it is good in the same way that the Freshman class of 1994 was good: The goodness did not have a long shelf life.

The easy cultivation of political corruption is the primary issue that needs to be addressed, so let’s address it. If the problem is systemic, if our political system has been so bastardized from what the Founding Fathers intended, then let’s engage that problem squarely and deal with it. I hope it is already evident that a course correction for our country will never be accomplished in any one election campaign or set of election campaigns, since the real problem could never be addressed merely by changing out one person for another in political positions. The problem is also not a party-and-platform problem. The problem is to protect the integrity of the political positions created by the Constitution and keep them – as they were intended to be – possessed by civil servants, not a political class.

Consider that all the problems you see about our country were indeed created – in all or in great part – by career politicians. They are highly motivated to create entitlement environments that will secure their continued power in an election-based political system…

Mortgage Crisis
Housing Entitlement championed by the likes of Barney Frank (D-Mass)

The Debt Ceiling About to Crash All Over Us Because of Entitlement Spending

And, of course, because they have created an everlasting turf for themselves in DC, it gives them the strength, confidence, and know-how to manipulate, manipulate, manipulate…

Oil and Food Price Manipulation

What needs to be reformed is the career politician-friendly political environment. Solve that and you solve a lot.

I have heard here and there from some people who have given a brief glance at GOOOH that  they like the concept but steer clear of any movement to create a third party. The whole reason for GOOOH is not to be a party, but to make candidates representing platforms (which is the whole foundation of any particular party) actually HOLD to those positions and abide by term limits. GOOOH is not a political party – it is an application that can be adopted by any political party. The fact that no political party is keen on adopting it at this point should be interesting to you. Might the GOOOH system put some political careers in jeopardy? Might that be a good thing?

The GOOOH system also fosters and protects the citizen’s ability to SELECT the representative who most clearly reflects the political concerns of the constituency they are to represent, rather than the political party choosing them for the electorate. By the way, if you have not gone through a mock selection to see how it works, you are not only missing out on a very inspiring and intuitive exercise for selecting true citizen representatives, you are missing out on a unique and edifying way to meet new people and getting to know them on a political level. Whoever said you should avoid discussions about religion and politics is very wrong. I have been through a bunch of local mock selections at this point and come into contact with a host of people who express very divergent notions of political ideology. I have found that I come away being educated on the wherefore and the why of the opinions that various people possess. It was instructional, not combative. It was a complete experience of connecting with neighbors in the way that Americans used to connect with each other over a century ago, I suspect, which TV and driving commutes and privacy fences have robbed from us. The winners of the mock selections, without fail, always turned out to be the person who truly best reflected the consensus of the people participating. Everyone always walked away from mock selections being absolutely impressed. I did, every single time, and I went through about 4 or 5 of them.

I am a completely overwhelmed mother of two little ones, a business owner, a daughter to aging parents with no other siblings around to help me with the ongoing needs of the elderly… my life is beyond full. My commitment to the GOOOH system is not born of convenience. I have a full life, and its demands on me are endless. Why I am so committed to GOOOH, and why I make time to promote it, is because I recognize my American responsibility to remain engaged in protecting the future of our Constitutional system. I find GOOOH  is the best response I have ever seen to the problem of political corruption and how to cleanse our political process of its weighty temptations and trappings.

I urge you to check out GOOOH. There is absolutely no risk at all to seriously and completely test the GOOOH system. When you do test it out by going through a GOOOH mock selection process you will be more than intrigued. Check The GOOOH calendar for a mock selection near you. If there is not one near you scheduled, contact GOOOH about your interest in doing so. You will value it. You will enjoy the process. You will see the possibility.

Please, GO check GOOOH, and together let’s participate in a new experiment able to uphold and promote the original Grand Experiment known as the Constitution, and rid ourselves to the political corruption that has it under attack.

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