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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The "Wasted Vote" is in the Eye of the Beholder, and for the Parties in Power.

Well, here we go again. We find ourselves in very familiar situation with respect to the upcoming mid-term elections. Our current two party system has again managed to put the God fearing, law abiding, hard working, everyday American on the spot. On the spot for making a decision that really has no correct outcome, or the "right answer".
When we walk in that voting booth on Nov. 2nd, we will have to make a choice between a long time incumbent, and another politician who wants to be a long time incumbent. There is another choice, but our system has decided that they won't tolerate it...or they always try to convince you that you're "wasting your vote".

Third parties are actually nothing new in our political culture, but the most recent celebrated symbol of how the third party upsets the apple cart is "Ross Perot". Ross Perot diverted enough Independent and right wing votes away from the Republican Presidential candidate in 1992, which it allowed Bill Clinton to gain the White House with 42% of the popular vote. Thus, the contemporary shadow was cast on any group of citizens who dare to choose to invest their vote in a party, or an individual, that boldly stands apart from the established two party system, and represents their wants and desires for what government should or shouldn’t be.
The trap has been set, and the ones who set and trigger the trap, are the same ones who make sure they warn you not to step into it. And so out of fear for voting for a greater evil, we feel trapped, or forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. Either way we vote, we seem to be getting further and further away from the government we want.
I can only speak with precision, when speaking from my own experience. I have almost always voted republican, with a couple of exceptions here or there, but surely conservative 100% of the time in my 25 years of visiting the voting booths.
How have I wasted my vote? Let me count the ways. I can count them as surely as I can count the years between election cycles.
I hold the founding principles of this nation very dear, and I long for much reduced government interference in my life, and want my children to know and live in freedom. Now, even though I keep voting for politicians who are telling me they want the same things as I...I keep waking up morning after morning, after their ascendancy into office, further and further away from the freedom I desire. And then the next election comes around...and my discontent is detected by the two parties...and again, they warn me not to "waste my vote".
Has not my vote been wasted all of this time if freedom and smaller government is unobtainable in this two party system? By extension...does not the opposite hold truth?
If one wants larger government, more entitlements, and less freedom...their vote is not wasted if given to the two sentinels our current system?
You disagree with me?
I offer the current state of our nation as proof of our "wasted votes". Welcome to the trap!

There is good news. It’s called... GOOOH

GOOOH has a plan that can lead “We the People” down another path. Away from the trap that has been set for us by the ruling class, yet it’s not just another path, but the original one, which was forged by our founders, and the one that will lead us back to the Constitution. They wanted us to govern ourselves. We have strayed long enough.

I encourage you to find a local GOOOH mock selection session through or on the website to experience -for free- how the GOOOH system proposes government reform.

David Adair
GOOOH/Ga. 7th district

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