GOOOH Mock Session in Houston, TX

Monday, August 16, 2010

       Critics say GOOOHs goal is idealistic, GOOOH is idealistic just like the United States was in the beginning. The founders of the United States dreamed of an ideal, the peaceful transition of powers from one leader to another, unheard of at the time. What the founders of our country did was nothing short of miraculous and idealistic. It was assuredly idealistic
         GOOOH is cut out from the same parchment of idealism as our nation. GOOOH wants to increase the voter participation by selecting the best and most ethical candidates for political office. It will do this by getting more people involved in the beginning of the process instead of at the end during the general election.
GOOOH is the ‘ambition to counter ambition’ that was James Madison spoke about. GOOOH in brief, wants to get rid of the backroom deals that the political establishment does in both parties and restore a novel concept of elected official doing what is best for the country, instead of for the party or their donors.
        Tim Cox, the founder of GOOOH, has taken the unprecedented steps of designing many external controls and auditors to keep GOOOH ethical. It’s safe to say the people that are involved with GOOOH have great expectation for it, and unlike other political parties, will leave at the first sign of corruption. GOOOH isn’t a political party but an amendment by voters per se to get rid of various corrupt career politicians in the House.
     Many people have suggested that if GOOOH is successful that the people of the United States will lose great House of Representatives, such as Paul Ryan. However, if Paul Ryan is a representative of the people he’ll be force to prove how good he is for the people of United States in a Senate campaign. GOOOH in short is a win-win for the American people. We get better representatives in the House and even better Senators in the senate. How can we say no to a proposition like GOOOH? 

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