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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Prescription for Cynicism

The average American has grown very cynical about the potential for government to be the solution for anything. Regardless of your particular political leanings, at this point in the history of our country, many of us are finding that we have become jaded toward believing that our "leaders" have our best interests in mind. The men who drafted our nation's Constitution believed in the fallibility of human nature which is why they created a rather intricate web of checks and balances that were intended to provide counterbalance tension to political ambition. Over the past 2 centuries, some of these checks and balances have been eliminated (e.g. 17th amendment) and some of them have been ignored (e.g. judicial activism following clear election results), but the greatest failing of our grand experiment has been the ignorance and apathy of the electorate.

Many nations have modeled their national constitution after ours and yet nations that have only recently gained their freedom, like Iraq and Iran, have much higher voter turnout than the United States. We have taken our freedoms and rights for granted and that is a sure way to lose them. If you are feeling jaded and cynical, then you most likely have experienced hope that a candidate, party or initiative would make a significant difference in our national political experience only to find that they ultimately disappoint. Voter's remorse is all too common an experience these days. In looking for solutions we need to look beyond the marketing and hype and analyze how the solution intends to fulfill its promises.

Welcome to Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH). GOOOH is a process that identifies areas that are sources of corruption and eliminates those from the system.
Among these corrupting influences are: 1) national party influence over local party elections, 2) campaign finances, 3) incumbency advantage, and 4) lack of accountability. The GOOOH system provides a system for finding, selecting, electing and holding accountable, highly qualified citizen representatives. In addition to eliminating the sources of undue influence, it also simultaneously provides a means to select regular citizens based on their committed positions on specific issues. They will sign a legal document holding them accountable for their votes. This is more than a "kick them out" campaign, it is a well-rounded plan for replacing corruption with accountability.

Now that you've heard about GOOOH, I encourage you to visit the site (, continue reading, join the group and spread the word. This effort is not based on any one person's charisma or media charm, it's not based on marketing or hype, it is about issues and accountability. That sounds like a prescription for the Chronic Cynicism that many of us suffer from today!

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