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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A More Perfect Process

We have all been so frequently burned by lying, opportunistic, hypocritical representatives that I understand the tentativeness surrounding and accepting a new process and believing it will improve our situation. On one hand, we won't get any significantly improved results by continuing to use the same processes. I believe it was Albert Einstein who said that continuing to do the same thing and expect different results is a form of insanity. That describes our election process. We must create a new process to find, select, elect and hold accountable our representatives. This new process must focus on getting highly qualified citizen representatives into office to replace the career politicians who have taken control of our government. The term "public servant" has become oxymoronically opposite of what it is supposed to be. They act like our masters and then refer to themselves in false humility as our servants.

Consider that when our founders wrote our Constitution they stated they were trying "to form a more perfect union." They knew it wasn't perfect, but it was a significant improvement over the Articles of Confederation. The GOOOH Candidate Questionnaire will hold each GOOOH member accountable to a previously stated series of positions on over 100 issues. This questionnaire forms the basis of a legal document that they will sign committing to their vote. The GOOOH candidate that appears on the ballot will be held to a much higher level of accountability than any other candidate bar none. They are the only ones who are willing to be held to a legal commitment on over 100 issues. While GOOOH may not be perfect, it certainly fits the founding criteria of "more perfect".

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