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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Lights! Cameras! Action!"

Yes, the lights have finally come on! I’ve seen signs that the population is awakening from its slumber...a little, especially the young! Some cameras are rolling. You have witnessed the wonderful YouTube videos by alert citizens who are really exposing the scams presented to us by our Congressmen. Thank God for the Internet to counter the obviously biased media of our times.

There has even been some action. An example is the recent demonstrations at the various Federal Reserve Buildings. There has been some criticism of that sudden movement that related to the “mixed purposes” for the demonstration, in a seemingly incoherent manner.

I take that in general as a good sign, interpreting the overall message as “We are disgusted with our government’s obvious distain for the people!” Specifically, they mean: The collusion between corporations and Congressmen, the total flouting of the laws in the basic Constitution, the unwillingness of Congress to control the budget (the House’s responsibility!), the unwillingness of Congress to impeach Presidents acting in disregard to the Constitution, and the list goes on ad nauseam.

Yes, this is a good sign that “We the dead have awakened” (paraphrasing Tolstoy). But where do we go from here? I know a lady in East Tennessee who is a true patriot that admonishes her friends (including me) for lack of constructive action when she says: “Enough of the rah, rah, rah. It’s time to strike where it hurts!” She doesn’t mean with a sword.

My wife had a girlfriend in high school days that was always wringing her hands and mumbling “What to do? What to do? What to do?” She eventually committed suicide. Is that our fate? Are we going to sit by and watch our Leviathan government bring us all down in their lust for greed, power, and world domination?

Please, don’t tell me it will be all OK if we just “reform the parties.” Don’t be one of the few who are still rubbing their eyes, still not quite awake. There can be no denying now that we are ALL (Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative, Whatever) in deep trouble, and that what we have been doing IS NOT WORKING! Take action...NEW action!

Join GOOOH ( Get your friends to join too. Like Ulysses, put wax in your ears when you pass the island of the sirens singing their sweet song “You know that will never work.” Form your own group, put aside your past “loyalties” and join the thousands that have already committed to vote the incumbent career politician out of office. You won’t regret it.

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