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Friday, August 12, 2011

Clean Out Congress: Broadening Appeal

I am terrified for my country now. And yet, I am excited.

I am excited about some of the change in attitude evidenced among the concerned citizens I know and see every day, and indeed what I can see in reaction from people across the country, that Americans by and large, Democrat, Republican or indifferent, have arrived at the point of recognizing that there is no way that effective decision making can be done in Washington. Given the current influences and constraints that D.C.'s corrupted environments contain, our legislative branch was proved inept by the recent unsatisfactory debt deal and the reduction of America's credit rating. When your elected officials in government spend 15 trillion dollars that we don't have, and fail to reign it in to any meaningful degree, consequences are inevitable.

Just within the past week, even CNN has admitted that it is time to quit playing politics and clean out congress.

Talk show host and political commentator Dennis Miller has stated his enthusiasm about the GOOOH movement, joined because he loved the foreward-thinking spirit of Tim Cox and appreciating that GOOOH is not a political party but an effort to remove the corruption that has infested our country's two-party system. Hear the interview of Tim Cox with Dennis Miller here:

With continuing economic set backs in America, maintained in great part by a newly-elected congress, it is becoming increasingly obvious even in the more lofty halls of the news media elite that the problem is not one of putting different names and faces into our existing political system. New blood will not will fix our ills, because new people soon get corrupted (or eviscerated) in the system as it is currently operating. Yes, it is the political system itself that has become corrupt and needs to be repaired. The current system supports too much influence of money through lobbyists, unions, and agencies that are completely foreign to the system that the Founding Fathers intended. The notion of taking a turn at serving the People as a politician has turned into the notion of the continuing advancement of a political career, and the ultimate growth of a political ruling class. And their work is a never ending string of compromises. The compromises they make on a daily basis are destroying the future of this country.

It reminds me of a joke I heard recently. Hunter and Bear meet in the woods. Hunter complains he just wants a fur coat. Bear complains he just wants to have lunch. They sit down and talk about it and compromise. Bear is seen walking out of the forest alone. Bear got his lunch, and Hunter is wrapped inside a fur coat. The compromise did not work out so well for Hunter. And here we wallow in a Bear market with no jobs growth and 15 trillion debt and an embarrassing reduction in our country's credit rating. Thanks, congress, for your bill passed by compromise.

With the downgrade of America's credit rating, it appears that more and more are waking up from their state of denial to see that our crisis is real.

I encourage you to find areas in your life to start getting evangelistic about sharing your concerns for our country with your friends and neighbors. Find ways where you can get involved. Start by Clicking the JOIN THIS SITE link at the top right of this page. Follow through Networked Blogs, also available at the right column of this page.  Go to and learn more about the GOOOH movement and how it works.

I don't agree with Newt very often these days, but I did agree with him in his closing statements at the debates last night. We have to do something NOW. We do not have time to sit back and wait until the next election to make our influence felt. It is time to GOOOH NOW! Please come GOOOH with me!

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