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Monday, January 10, 2011

Date: January 06, 2010

To: Concerned American Patriots

From: Ed Stanley – GOOOH – Georgia’s 7th District

Re: Every Other Thursday Memo Issue #10 – Happy New Year! Get ORGANIZED, get HELP, and get WITH IT!!

Happy New Year! As many of you know already, Get Out Of Our House moved beyond the beta phase into a true reality last week. WE ARE GOING LIVE FOR THE 2012 ELECTIONS. This is not a drill. This IS happening. And it is bound to change our priorities making us busier than ever! The priorities are now ORGANIZATION, MEMBERSHIP, and PLANNING! Here are the highlights:

LET’S GET ORGANIZED – There is a marked difference in organizing ourselves around gaining membership for a process that might take place at some time in the future versus organizing the members we have to implement the plan that WILL occur in LESS THAN EIGHTEEN MONTHS! We must meet religiously, spread the word, make plans and get `er done! Getting organized will necessarily require everyone who is close to the GOOOH organization to step up and contribute to the effort now set for Spring of 2012. How will YOU help? There will be no commitment wasted; no matter how large or how small. Think about what you can do and let’s hear from you. Commit to come to the meetings to begin with to find out what your role will be in this historic effort. Let’s get ORGANIZED

MORE GOOOH MEMBERS, PLEASE! – Before the announcement, we were asking people to buy into the idea of GOOOH. NOW we are asking people to become involved in the GOOOH process that WILL occur. The bandwagon is loading up and headed for the “parade” of the 2012 elections. By the way… NOTHING HAS CHANGED in Washington. The “newbies” (Tea Partiers included) sent to D.C. are up to the old “Inside the Beltway” behavior by hiring lobbyists to run their offices and lining up with the established mechanisms of “business as usual” evidenced in an article from the L.A. Times. The new arrivals do not seem interested in term limits (want to “hold our seats”). They bow to lobbyists and special interest (New Majority PAC). They already are clinging to one of the real problems in Washington - money – with their $2500/seat entry fee to their Party party. YIKES! But GOOD NEWS! This puts our “pitch” on entirely different footing! The approach WAS: “Come join us as we put together an organization designed to solve these problems (IF we get 500,000 members nationwide).” It is NOW: “Come join us in your district as we select a candidate to send to Washington in 2012 to FIX THE PROBLEMS.” Woo Hoo! As this rolls out, the more members we can get, the better! Don’t forget to tell the world. The more members we have, the better off we will be for obvious reasons. Let’s get HELP

WE MUST PLAN NOW – The time frame is simple. We must have our act together by early 2012 (by February) to run the Candidate Selection Sessions before the primaries. This is true of every state. Our primaries in Georgia are in July, so we need to have the GOOOH candidates chosen way before then to allow for organizing the “campaign.” Our plan right now is to get the members together that we have and set the agenda for the next 12 to 14 months and get after it! Here is what anyone interested can do (if you haven’t already): 1.) Sign up on, go to the “ACT” tab and complete all the steps there. That is first. Then, 2.) Go to and/or Facebook and search for a group in your area to see when and where the next meeting is being held. Then, 3.) GO to the meeting! This next 12-14 month period will be an enormous task. We need all the help that we can get. Don’t be left in the dust! Help us plan for success. And the time to plan this whole thing is RIGHT NOW! Let’s get WITH IT!

These are exciting times for all those who have been committed to GOOOH running up to the historic 2010 mid-term election, have ever had an interest in GOOOH, or those who haven’t even heard of GOOOH yet but realize that SOMETHING must be done. This is it. This is our time. What we do now will set the tone for the election in 2012. It is history in the making. Please come, get involved, and commit to being a part of this historic “changing of the guard.” We are now what we have never been before; ready to go forward with a mechanism to offer up candidates NOT beholding to Special Interest money, NOT obliged to toe the Party line, NOT allowed to campaign one way and vote another way, and obligated to serve no more than two terms in The House. It doesn’t get any better than this. What part are YOU going to play? Hmm? WOW! Let’s get ORGANIZED, get HELP, and get ‘ER DONE!!!

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