GOOOH Mock Session in Houston, TX

Friday, December 3, 2010


We are citizens giving birth to a powerful movement.

And like any other birth there are moments of travail. But we have the strength to embrace a greater goal and therefore look with certainty beyond those hard moments.

The circles of political correctness, academia and media might be asking, “Who do you people think you are?”

The answer is clear. We are the carpenters, janitors, engineers and doctors. We are the retired, the veterans and soldiers, we are the students and the working and blessed stay at home moms. We are the soul of freedom in the United States of America. What we are not is takers.

Former Chaplin of the Senate Dr. Edward Everett Hale was asked, if he prayed for the Senate. His answer was, “No, when I look at the Senate, I pray for the country.” We join in that prayer.

We have come to suspect elected officers of government, at any level, whose oath of office has become corrupted by pride and thus yielded to greed. We especially mistrust those who work in the dark to make law unavailable to the eyes of the citizens until a self serving moment of exposure is found. And we have come to respect wisdom grounded in truth not infected by the need to continue a dynasty or maintain an elected office.

We are the people who know that citizen statesmen are those who know with certainty that servant leadership is to be chosen over family dynasties and that pride and greed are not part of the oath of office.

And having examined this movement with its strengths and flaws this is what I have come to know about our character:

We are stewards of the environment not slaves to it or worshiper of it.

We understand far more deeply than government thinks we do.

We are not deceived by disingenuous claims of transparency.

We did not, and will not, run from the nation’s turmoil when it needed our courage, our minds and our best thoughts - never our cowardice.

We do not condone illegal actions for the purpose of gaining a vote.

We justifiably stand up with boldness to government because we know that government has not heard us, yet!

We honor the individual not the collective while at the same time assisting those in legitimate need without being coerced into doing so by regulatory or executive dictate.

We are entertained by Hollywood and know the difference between fantasy and fact.

We are flawed enough to slip out of the noose of political correctness and speak our minds.

We know that America is indeed threatened from within.

We believe that inconveniencing terrorists by placing them in prisons is a good idea.

We know who the enemies of our nation are.

We understand that the Constitution neither compels nor endorses our religious choices in either the public square or in our homes.

We know the difference between fact and feeling.

There are many out there who also know but desperately need to hide these simple truths in order to preserve their power. They attack us by simply creating divisions within our movement. So we need to be ever vigilant lest they be allowed to create division in the place of open discussion and debate.

Let us continue to remind the House of Representatives that millions of us were pounding on their doors in Washington a few months ago and thousands of us have come to town hall meetings to be politically incorrect enough to ask them hard questions and have the purposeful impudence to demand honest answers as well as thoughtful actions.

Finally, let us continue to pound on their front door reminding them that we have the greatest tool of freedom in the entire world, our vote and we will use it!

May God richly Bless your prayers and once again receive the United States of America into His care and grace

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