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Friday, October 15, 2010

Party Failures---Tennessee Example

     Party failures are painfully evident in the current TN 03 House Race. TN 03 is a disgustingly gerrymandered district with the GOP having long held power in one area. This area contains 46% of the voters. All previous Representatives have been from that area.

     An Independent now stands a great chance of winning for two reasons.
     First, the GOP shot itself in the foot. The incumbent (16 years) vacated his seat to run for Governor. He lost. Eleven GOP candidates ran in the primaries for his seat. The winner took it with 30% of the vote! People are not happy.
     Second, "We The People" are finally waking up in TN, and are rallying behind this Independent. Party "loyalties" are disappearing.
     Now, "We The People" suddenly want to elect a person who truly represents their views in this district. He has been campaigning since 15 April 2009 (announcing his candidacy at a Tax Day Rally). Although a GOOOH candidate can't be implemented in TN this cycle, he answered the 100 questions and has posted them online for all to see. He has also set himself apart from the party candidates by signing a contract to pay $1M to a TN charity if he does not come home after the term limits promoted. He has signed a National Pledge to support the 10th amendment, and posted a pledge on to Write and Read the bills, and limit them to One Subject At a Time.
     GOOOOOOH Independent!

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  1. An interesting historical note: The word gerrymander was coined in 1812 for the actions of an American patriot and political leader, Elbridge Gerry. Gerry was immortalized with this word because the boundary of an election district created by members of his Democratic-Republican party in 1812 looked like a salamander (from whence comes the 'mander' half of the word 'gerrymander'). Gerry was defeated because voters reacted to his creative redistricting, but he did go on to be James Madison's VP. I just read somewhere gerrymandering defined as the legal equivalent of stealing an election. Well put. Also, from a historical perspective, we can see that from the beginning voters have had to contend with those who would be career politicians.

  2. Oct.17th, Nothing has changed in the political arena. The republicans are riding a wave headed to the beach, riding a high and the democrats can only point fingers and lay blame on the last party in power.
    I quite frankly think the American people are taking this fight for their country to the streets and it now has the ruling class in a tail spin.
    I in my heart I hope that the Tea Party and organizations such as GOOOH, which I am a member of both as well are a lot of you are can and will mobilize together and create a political party that truly is WE THE PEOPLE.
    Watching the Sunday news talk shows, Meet The Press Face the Nation etc. I am not at all surprised at the mud sling that is taking place in the pre election arena, each side pointing fingers at the other claiming miss conduct, inappropriate contributions, elicit name calling and just plain back stabbing actions from both sides.
    It seems that the Tea Party candidates are the ones demonized most but I still believe the electorate sees through this tactic and will rebuke it at the ballot box.
    There are just 15 days left before we change the history of this nation for better or worse,I hope for the latter not only for me and mine but for all of those who are willing to fight for their freedom, liberty and destiny.


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