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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Parties are Over

This morning I was looking at a multitude of videos and reading articles from many organizations all calling for the removal of the current Congressional population this November. But, I ask, “Replaced with whom and how will the removal take place?” Is it going to be with more of the same type “body of representatives” using the same process we have been subjected to by the two-party system over and over again? Patriots - Please! We need some new thinking, don't we?

What seems to escape these organizations and authors is that the political party apparatus we have now in place is the actual problem; not necessarily the individuals operating within it. We naturally gravitate to thinking in terms of “two party.” Maybe we should focus on the process instead. New thinking. The Parties are over, in my opinion.

We at GOOOH know from history that on 11/03/10 we will wake up to find that America has re-elected 80-90% of The House. Huh? Really?... Really! This will be the result of our two-party system that holds an absolutely toxic death-grip on our election process. Candidate selection, ballot access, gerrymandering the local voting districts, fixing the primaries - all of these election elements have a common denominator - the two parties. The two parties restrict our ability to effectively clean up Washington by sending honorable and decent citizens from our own ranks to Congress to represent us (Hello Delaware - Hello Mr. Rove). But we don't need a new party. We need to get back to the original process as laid out by the Founding Fathers. It will do (has done) the job nicely, thank you.

It is apparent to me that in the current system even if a representative wanted to do the right thing and represent the constituents back home (and I believe that some genuinely do), the party system inhibits them. It indoctrinates the susceptible and marginalizes the upstanding. The current system is nirvana for the vain and aspiring, while at the same time, being a battlefield for the truly honorable. The system is corrupt and quite corrupting for all who experience it. It is fatiguing and disheartening for authentic public servants. And it is exhilarating and uplifting for career politicians. What is wrong with this picture? The two-party system has a stranglehold and only we the people can break that deathgrip. This isn’t necessarily about any one member of Congress. It is about the self-serving process put in place by the parties over time. We don't need another party. We need to restore the authentic process. Time to "RESET!"

I believe that there is no questioning the parties’ motivation - the perpetuation of their control of OUR representative government. At their disposal is money and power destined to corrupt. It is by their design. Few are able to resist. "That's just the way things the system works in Washington" is their "defense" when confronted with the these cultural facts about D.C. (They actually consider it naive for anyone to challenge their current culture.) Merit goes out the window and tenure rules the day (can you say, "term limits?"). Does the current system often promote persons into positions of power based on being a party lapdog for an extended period of time versus having real merit? For example, if Republicans regain the majority in The House come November, watch the process of the selection of the Speaker and the commitee chairs – a classic partisan process by design. The top person in The House - the person 2nd in line for the Presidency, by the way - is usually a party lapdog! Yikes!

They may all serenade us during the campaign as being OUR representative, but we many times hear them singing a completely different tune as soon as they get inside the Beltway and the party leaders get their hooks into them. Then comes re-elections. During the campaigns with all the patriotic fervor, waving of the flags and the tolling of the bells, we are easily fooled. They are good at it! Truth be known, they will always make promises to us and take our money to reclaim - or maintain - their power. That’s the reason that they exist and it seems that America falls for it every time! Congress has an 11% approval rating yet we consistently re-elect 80-90% of them! The system is rigged by the parties - claiming to serve the people then serving themselves instead. It is beyond despicable.

It is (past) time to replace ALL 435 members of The House. It is the only certain cure - much like abstinence is the only guaranteed way to avoid pregnancy. Our government needs a sure-fire cure. Once the entire House of Representatives is replaced by decent, honorable and genuine public citizen-servants, only then will there be no more co-opting (as Trent Lott recently said) of the new members. They need to ALL be new members. No one would be left to do the corrupting! Imagine having all of those brand new Representatives with the common commitment to non-partisan performance, term limits and no concern for campaign money. Only then will “the way the system works” be restored to its original intent; go, represent, then go home. GOOOH GOOOH GOOOH!

We can call for freedom, call for responsibility, call for honesty, call for honor, call for accountability and/or call for the very heads of the politicians currently occupying our Congressional seats. In my experience, the calls will go unanswered in the torrent of the current political atmosphere; drowned out by the din of the currently corrupted system. Only Party, Special Interests and Political Careers will be heard from in the current environment. That is, UNLESS the people (the real power base) take back control of the entire process. It can be done. The Founders gave us the tools to do so. We need to use them…. or we just might lose them!

To conclude, I believe that the current party-controlled system in The House is like an operable cancer growth. It requires major surgery, not a BandAid. With cancer surgery, the cancer AND the surrounding (seemingly uninfected) tissue are completely removed in order to provide a “clear field” for healing. Likewise, we need a clear field in The House before it becomes inoperable. The entire House must be replaced – and replaced all at once - (including some of the good "tissue") for the healing of our Republic to even begin. It is obvious to me that only through a complete, simultaneous replacement of all members of The House will an effective restoration of our Republic occur.

Many react to this idea of the GOOOH plan by saying, “But, but but - I like my representative.” What this does not seem to consider is that they ALL must go to make sure that we removed all of “the cancer!” It appears to be the only way. I believe that even when I like my Congressman, great personal sacrifices (such as including the representatives that I like in this GOOOH replacement process) are needed to make our Republic whole. Let the good ones (if they are really that good) run for The Senate. As previously stated, only when the last remnant of "the cancer" is COMPLETELY gone can the real healing even begin.

How is this possible? It begins with your GOOOH membership. JOIN NOW. Go to, join and call others to do likewise! Then go and witness the GOOOH process at a Mock Selection Session near you. I pray then you will see - as I did - that this process will do the job that everyone agrees needs doing. Please join now. Times-a-wastin’!
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