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Monday, July 19, 2010

Primaries, Caucuses & Parties

Not long ago, an editor of a newspaper in my area wrote an article entitled "Caucus mistake by Dems repeated by local GOP". He was expressing his unhappiness with the "back room politics" that dominates most of the nominating processes across the country. I wrote a Letter To The Editor basically telling him, "I feel your pain".

And, of course, I took the opportunity to promote the GOOOH system for nominations, as the timing was perfect.

As observers from both parties have noted, opinions differ widely, even within their own parties. That is why they pay so much attention to the "centrists", "independents", or other labels you want to lay on people like me who have "voted for the lesser of two evils" for decades.

The solution for these people is of course GOOOH, if people will just take the time to consider giving up their past practices, and put some time in studying the issues in depth. Then, they would get a candidate that best fits their needs, who does not want to become a "career politician" (meaning: term limits). Further, the candidate in such a process would not be allowed to accept donations from anyone of more than $100,  taking the deep pocket lobbying out of the equation.

Sadly, many voters still hesitate when it comes to the GOOOH concept. Perhaps we need to tweak our  presentations to make the concept clearer (ideas welcomed). But, I challenge every reader who really wants  to make a difference in this country to write about GOOOH in your local newspapers, discuss it in depth with every friend you have, and encourage everyone to attend a "mock session". Best of all, get them to answer all 100 questions on line and discuss the answers with YOU. I think this personal approach is the best way to grow, slowly but surely. It takes time and effort on our part to get people to change their thinking. Isn't the hope of success in this effort better than the alternative?

"More Freedom--Less Government"
Robert Humphries
Oak Ridge, TN

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  1. Thank you for this excellent commentary. Yes, GOOOH must find a way to break people free from the paradigm of partisan political thinkg.


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