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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Elections - Be Informed - Who are we up against?

With local elections coming up in November it is important to pay attention to who is on the ballot. 

Elections to the United States Senate are to be held on November 6, 2012, with 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections whose winners will serve six-year terms from January 3, 2013 until January 3, 2019. Additionally, special elections may be held to fill vacancies that occur during the 112th United States Congress. Currently, Democrats are expected to have 23 seats up for election, including 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats, while Republicans are expected to have only 10 seats up for election.
The 2012 presidential election, elections to the House of Representatives, elections for governors in 13 states and territories, and many state and local elections will also be held on this date. (Wikipedia)

Lets make sure we know what we are up against, and be informed voters.

Here are some links to start you off if you are in Texas (it's my home state so I had to represent!), make sure to find your local links and make sure to find out who our GOOOH Candidates are.

If you could ask the candidates any question, what would it be? (Leave a comment below!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Letter To My College Bound Grandson

Dear son of my son,

You are about to enter the world of wonderful academic challenge. You will be presented with the tools, ideas and concepts that will enable you to progress through your life in a career that will give you the simultaneous gifts of achievement and enjoyment. You will also be presented with ideas that are not so noble, ideas that have the potential to contaminate not only your achievement and enjoyment but your freedom to realize those gifts.

The world of academia is fraught with powerful intellectual capacity as well as foolishness. It will be hard for you to discern the difference between the two because you have not much life experience.

I too faced the problems and consequences of not knowing how to differentiate between fact and distortion when I attended a fine university so many years ago now. Much as I would like to change that because my later life’s actions impacted others, I cannot. But perhaps I can give you some things to keep in mind as these next few years move along.

Here are a few things to consider as you encounter ideas that may sound good initially but in your gut you feel a distinct discomfort with them.

First, America was founded on Godly principles. The founders were men of faith. Only a few generations after the founding of America Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other world leaders with profound intellectual capacity came to fear the people’s faith in God above all. At first, they did their best to eliminate God and faith from any non-controlled public discourse and later took actions of extreme violence in their war on faith and the faithful. You may not see physical violence but you may well experience spiritual violence aimed at you should you speak of your faith in public. Do not fear this. Such attacks are perpetrated by cowards. Arguing with them will not change them. Faith and logic simply cannot mix in the insulated world of the pure intellect. Change is theirs to freely choose. Use your faith and your intellect to step above such things. That is the very definition of wisdom.

Next, there are many great and noble organizations in America devoted to preserving your freedom and honoring your God given talents by protecting your freedom to use them. They continue the daily battle in defense of presenting freedom as the first priority of American government. At the same time there are many who should do this but now do not. Sadly, one of the latter is the United States Congress. It too is a House of intellect and foolishness. Many in our Congress feel that they alone are in sole possession of information the rest of us are not suitably prepared for from an intellectual standpoint to understand. There are dozens in the Congress now who are avowed socialists and who revere this level of arrogance.

You may well ask, “Is socialism such a bad thing?” Some of your professors may present the idea the Marx was not such a bad guy after all and that socialism isn’t as bad as you might think.

I can say with certainty that socialism is evil based not only on what I experienced as a veteran and other life experiences in the world but also on what I read in the words of Marx himself. Marx was the champion of communism and socialism is the primary stepping stone to communism. Here are some quotes from Marx:

“By abolishing private property, communism [socialism] will abolish all desire that people now have to possess things of their own to the exclusion of others.”

“The family too, with private spouses and private children, will be abolished.”

“Even bodily senses which we might have thought were irreducibly private will change their character.”

Marx believed that man must be relieved of his dependence on God and that atheism is absolutely essential for communism [socialism] to succeed.

The Marx quotes from above reflect the objectives of much of the legislation passed by Congress; regulation promulgated by cabinet members in the Executive branch and supported by the Judicial branch which now practices opinion law instead of Constitutional law.

Do you see the parallels in your life today? Consider taxation and property rights legislation and the imposition of amoral regulations on education and on Christian organizations. Do you know that it is illegal to say “God Bless you” in public schools in New York? Yes, freedom’s foundations and its attendant moral values are under attack in America and the attack is led by socialists in our Congress as well as the other two branches of government.

I cannot leave you with these rather grim thoughts without giving you more than just a moment of hope. As I said before there are many great organizations working hard every day to preserve freedom in America. One such is Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH.) Look them up on the internet and take a moment to study what they stand for. You may wish to join them. I would be much pleased, if you did.

If after you do this, you come to believe as I do that many in Congress are leading America to socialism and the eventual failure that is communism, examine other similar organizations. Then vote your conscience but by all means vote.

You as the American voter cannot be complacent now. Never in our history has freedom been more at risk.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Few Good Reasons To Support The GOOOH Mission

The concept of servant leadership must be restored to the Congress, if America is to survive as a nation free of and dependent upon thoughtless bureaucracies created by a Congress inhabited by those who manipulate public feelings in order to distort facts for the selfish purpose of their own reelection.

Even a cursory review of the consequences of Congressional actions based largely on the perceived emotions of the electorate in order to be reelected reveals the need to support the GOOOH mission.

GOOOH will develop and support Congressional candidates who will:

1. Understand that domestic agricultural, mineral and energy resource development, production and transportation are critical to not only economic security but the physical security of America as well.
2. Demand a return to Constitutional values and the foundation principles of the document itself when presenting legislation for consideration by the Congress.
3. Act independently and not be swayed by the power that large “campaign contributions” can yield.
4. Act on fact after honest and exhaustive examination no matter how inconvenient or damaging to their political careers.
5. Honor individuality not collectivist diversity.
6. Defend the morality presented in America’s founding documents and their intent and dismiss overt and damaging political correctness which targets those values for failure.
7. Support the elimination of frivolous and unnecessary regulations and control or even eliminate those agencies known to habitually promote such regulations.
8. Actively promote the concept of nonintrusive government at all levels.
9. Willingly defend America from all enemies domestic and foreign and in the process of engaging those enemies work diligently to guarantee their total defeat.
10. See no threat to society in the faith based concepts presented in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

These are the core values of GOOOH. Examine their web site and see for yourself. This group of involved citizens represents and defends the above 10 ideals. It is their passion and reflects true patriotism.